16th Yulin International High-End Energy Chemicals And Coal Industry Exhibition Held In Yulin, China


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YULIN, China, October 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The 16th Yulin International Coal & Energy Chemicals Industry Show opened on October 13 in Yulin, a major energy supply base in the northwest from China Shaanxi Province. The exhibition was jointly organized by the Yulin CCP Municipal Committee, the Yulin City People’s Government, and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade of the Shaanxi Sub-Council. It attracted over 520 exhibitors representing well-known players in the industry of China and abroad.

Visitors learn about various types of mining robots at the exhibit. (PRNewsfoto / Yulin City People’s Government)

With a total area of ​​53,000 square meters, the exhibits covered six main categories, including smart digitization, smart manufacturing, low-carbon development, green mining and new energies. The three-day event also included 13 forums and sessions on topics such as the development of the high-end energy and chemical industry, the development of energy and chemical equipment manufacturing and the smart innovation of coal mines. . These categories clearly demonstrated the emphasis on from China peak carbon and carbon neutrality commitments.

The town of Yulin, located in the northernmost part of Shaanxi Province, is an important energy supply base in China. It is an area rich in energy resources along the Belt and Road, with abundant deposits of coal, oil, gas and salt in the region, as well as abundant solar, wind and biomass resources. . With more than 20 years of development, Yulin has built a well-established power industry base and established a system focused on the electric power and chemical industries, strengthened by the exploitation of coal, petroleum, gas and salts. In addition, he explored areas of green mining, full conversion, and clean power generation.

While the Chinese government has released its cutting edge carbon and carbon neutrality plans, local governments at all levels have taken steps to develop their specific plans for carbon emissions. With a proactive response to the target of peak carbon and carbon neutrality, Yulin’s main energy city has arrived at four strategies: curb energy-intensive and high-emission projects; reduce carbon emissions at the source; promote end-stage carbon capture; and the launch of a dual control system for total energy consumption and energy intensity.

In recent years, Yulin has continued to advance on the path of technological innovation. The 14th Five-Year Plan opened a window of opportunity for the transformation and acceleration of Yulin as a resource-based city. This is a critical period for Yulin for the development of emerging industrial chains and the assembly of industrial clusters. “The next step is for Yulin to transform its economic development from resource-based and investment-oriented to technological innovation-oriented. The city will focus on the deployment and development of emerging industries such as intelligent unmanned systems, renewable energy and new materials, ”said Yulin City Mayor Zhang Shengli.

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