8 secrets Bath & Body Works doesn’t want you to know

Whether you live by their lotions or love them as a go-to gift option, Bath & Body Works remains an iconic store on the mall circuit. But unlike fashion retailers, the store is known more for its signature scents than for its looks, with many fans of the store becoming nostalgic at the mere whiff of one of their long-running famous scents. However, while dedicated fans still associate their Japanese Cherry Blossom soap with its matching candle after all these years, chances are you’re still missing some essential store information. Read on to find out the secrets the experts say Bath & Body Works doesn’t want you to know.

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Considering the types of products they sell, it might seem impossible to get your money back on anything you buy from Bath & Body Works. But it turns out the company has a pretty generous return policy if that soap, lotion, or candle isn’t right for you. At the same time, experts warn that one should not plan to overdo it.

“Bath & Body Works has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which means you can return anything for any reason at any time. However, some stores are now applying certain restrictions to this policy,” Julie Ramholdconsumer analyst at DealNews.com, says Better life. “You can still return anything for any reason, including products that are somewhat used, but now some stores will limit customers to only $250 in returns or exchanges without a receipt within 90 days. As long as you have a receipt or are returning smaller quantities, you shouldn’t have to worry, even if your local store is one of those adopting the new policy.”

Former employees also confirmed this claim. In a TikTok video posted in January that has since received more than 483,000 likes, a former employee says the company should honor its “100% satisfaction guarantee”.

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The big shift to online shopping has changed the way we get the products we need. However, it’s not like the convenience of having your items brought to your doorstep doesn’t come at an added cost. Luckily, experts say there’s an easy way to save money while getting the Bath & Body Works products you’ve been looking for ASAP.

“The retailer does not usually offer free shipping, so any order you place will cost $6.99 for a flat rate. However, in some cases, you can avoid shipping charges by choosing to pick up from your store. local instead,” says Ramhold. “Not only will you get your items faster, but you’ll avoid additional charges, so it’s a win-win.”

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No matter what type of shopper you are, everyone loves a coupon once in a while. But while you have to make sure you don’t bring the flyer from the wrong store – yes, it does happen with Bed Bath & Beyond coupons – signing up for the company’s mailing list will net you plenty of discounts.

The easiest way to get what you’re looking for is to sign up for the store’s digital mailing list, which will get all the latest news and coupons straight to your phone, according to The Smart Shopper. These can often include free shipping offers or a free product, and can often be redeemed both online and in stores. However, signing up for the traditional mailing list is also a great way to get even better discounts sent to your analog mailbox.

If you plan to use them, be sure to stick to the schedule. While the company was previously generous with a three-day grace period before and after their valid usage windows, that policy has since been removed, reports Krazy Coupon Lady.

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An unexpected coupon can be a great way to save money. But those looking for real bargains might want to wait until Bath & Body Works holds its biannual sales to stock up on their favorite items at deep discounts.

“These sales typically take up to 75% off and are great opportunities to stock up on your favorite scents since one drops in June and the other in December,” says Ramhold. “Now is a great time to shop for gifts for yourself and others in seasonal scents for the warmer and cooler months.”

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Although best known for their lotions and soaps, Bath & Body Works has also long sold their signature scents in candle form. And if you’re looking to keep things going all year round, experts say you should mark your calendar for a big annual sale.

“If you like Bath & Body Works candles, this is a can’t miss event. It tends to last two days in store and one day online and typically takes 55-60% less than popular 3 candles. wicks.” said Ramhold. “Make sure you sign up for the email newsletter, so you don’t miss the sale: it only happens once a year, and since it only lasts a very short time, it can be easy to miss the news.”

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Shopping the day after Thanksgiving has become the norm for anyone looking for serious deals on their holiday shopping. Bath & Body Works happens to be one of the best options for anyone looking for gifts or to replenish their own favorite scented products.

“Plus, Black Friday is another pretty massive sale that’s well worth shopping for,” Ramhold said. Better life. “Very often the Black Friday sale has free ‘buy three, get three’ promotions, so it’s another great time to stock up on your favorite items.”

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Signing up for loyalty programs can seem like a tedious process that may not be very profitable in the end. But in the case of Bath & Body Works, there’s an immediate benefit to signing up, especially if you’re planning to restock your favorite scents down the line.

“Bath & Body Works now has a new national rewards program that is free to join. Currently, new members receive an offer of $10 off a $30 purchase, plus you earn points with every purchase and you’ll also earn free products,” says Ramhold. “Members also get exclusive access to special events and products, as well as an annual birthday gift.”

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We all know how effective a “buy one, get one” sale can be in filling your shopping cart. Bath & Body Works is no exception to this, often promoting a special on its two-for-$20 candles. But if you’re planning on getting more than just a pair, you can feel free to buy as many as you want without risking saving.

According to Krazy Coupon Lady, these sales mean the candles will cost $10 each no matter how many you buy above two. Feel free to spend $30 on three or $50 on five if that’s what you need!

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