A bag carrying stolen electronics from a parked car

Thieves stole a bag containing electronic goods and documents from a car parked in front of ABM Hospital; the victim entered the hospital in an emergency situation during which the bag was stolen. Shahjehanabad police have opened an investigation.

The victim Yash Lilhare is an ETO (Electro Technical Officer) stationed in the Merchant Navy whose car was targeted by the criminals and escaped with a bag carrying laptop, mobile, clothes, departmental identity card , passport. The incident happened in the parking lot in front of ABM Hospital. Police said Yash’s wife Prachi Rajput is a Madhya Pradesh Police Subedar and stationed in Sehore who was taken to ABM Hospital for treatment.

According to reports, Yash Raj Lilhare from Nagpur, Maharashtra is posted as an ETO in the Merchant Navy. He reported to ABM Hospital in his car registration number MH49 BR8761 at around 7.45pm on the evening of September 12. He parked the car in front of the hospital and took out his leather bag and at the same time he received a call from his sister telling him that he had to come to the hospital at the earliest due to what to put the bag in the hood of the car and went inside the hospital. When he returned after a few minutes, the bag was found missing. They searched the area, but the bag could not be found and filed a complaint.

Prachi is in charge of traffic and was injured in a traffic accident. He was admitted to Sehore and then transferred to ABM Hospital in Bhopal.

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