Accelerate the large-scale development of the mobile robot, YouiBot has completed the series B funding round, exceeding RMB 300 million


As a leading provider of mobile robots and solutions in China, YouiBot is rooted in industrial logistics, intelligent routine inspection and operation and maintenance, specializing in production and operation scenarios of precision electronics manufacturing and power industry and always retains its first place in semiconductors and power plants. So far, YouiBot has become the cooperative partner of many famous brands at home and abroad such as LUXSHARE ICT, ASM, CRRC, FAST, China Huaneng, AICC, COMAC and Hitachi, covering 26 provinces and cities, the products being exported to more than 30 countries like Japan, Korea, Singapore, spanish and Germany.

YouiBot took scenario development and service as its primary focus right from its inception, placing itself far ahead of its peers in customer scenario cognition and process understanding. By relying on the powerful technological support of the AMR positioning navigation algorithm in high precision and stability, YouiBot becomes one of the few manufacturers of mobile robots at the international level with a positioning accuracy of ± 2 mm. In addition, as the first mobile robot company in the software system in China, YouiBot’s integrated software-hardware solution not only meets the flexible production requirements of enterprises in the era of personalized consumption, but also realizes digital production and information management, in order to achieve the goal of upgrade and intelligent transformation.

Taking as an example an industrial logistics scenario, YouiBot can go through the entire material flow and data flow with the self-developed AMR and YOUI TMS system, realize a complete business process in a loop “raw material warehouse – warehouse next to the production line – production line – finished product warehouse, “and helps enterprises to truly achieve stable, continuous and high-efficiency production.

Due to the unremitting efforts in the scenarios, YouiBot has achieved the capacity of whole plant logistics planning, large-scale cluster deployment and multi-machine coordination, and achieves large-scale production. So far, YouiBot software-hardware integrated solution has been widely applied in semiconductor, 3C, electric power and IDC. In the 36000 m2 Chassis factory of a leading precision electronics manufacturing company, YouiBot builds unmanned workshop with 150 mobile robots and YOUI TMS system, realizes mobile phone midframe production and logistics automatic upgrade and simultaneously improves production efficiency and benefits.

YouiBot’s leadership in large-scale development in the industry benefits from the supply chain system and lean project management. In order to better serve all customers, YouiBot has established many offices based on the principle of “nearest service” to achieve rapid response capacity, realize the standardization of sales, supply chain and production links. by taking various measures and guarantees the overall progress of the project and implementation by means of a special engineering service. In addition, the company’s strict quality team control over production, incoming materials and finished products ensures the high quality and stability of the mobile robot.

At present, the industrial mobile robot is ushering in a new explosive period of demand. YouiBot will continuously focus on precision electronics manufacturing and energy through its main scenario, algorithm, software / hardware and large-scale development advantages, expand its mature scenario experience to new stages and further accelerate the pace of overseas market expansion.


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