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Aimondo AG President Rene F. Gruebel (Zurich, Switzerland)

Aimondo – the leading re-pricing team – has announced the concentration of its internationalization in Switzerland. This process is now largely complete.

Aimondo AG (IKR: Aimondo PSN)

The Chairman of Aimondo AG explains: “Aimondo’s orientation was international and publicly announced from day one. Today, the focus on these markets is starting to pay off.

—Rene F. Grübel

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, July 28, 2022 / — Since 2020, Aimondo has announced its intention to focus its internationalization in Switzerland. After a long organizational preparation, this process is now largely complete. From the end of July 2022, all group customers from all countries to which Aimondo will invoice will be switched to contracting and invoicing from Switzerland. As a final building block, German operational activities will also be managed from Switzerland. After that, the programming department and the German-speaking customer service will remain in Germany. Another company has already been managing part of the investor support, marketing and planning services for the founding shareholder and the Swiss headquarters of Aimondo for more than two years. The transition should therefore be smooth on the outside.

René Grübel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aimondo AG, explains: “Aimondo’s orientation was international and publicly announced from day one. Today, the focus on these markets is starting to pay off. In addition to opening up additional sales channels, it also puts stability on a broader basis, regardless of local developments. In addition, Switzerland enjoys a world-class reputation as a reliable, innovative and trustworthy digital partner.”

That the legal administration of the software remains with founding partner TTIP Ltd. in Nicosia is a tradition for Aimondo. Thus, in addition to continuing product development in Düsseldorf, the international part of the development team will find an attractive place to live and coordinate in the digital stronghold of Limassol. Heinrich Muller, Founder and CEO, points out: “For the further expansion of the artificial intelligence core that I have been programming for a good ten years, the best experts are in demand. And we attract them more easily to the Mediterranean region than to Germany. Moreover, the regulatory environment is a particularly interesting destination, in particular for the intellectual property sector (note: intellectual property) and also for international investors. The copyright management was already anyway in the founding company of Aimondo AG since 2016. Since 2018 we also had the legal framework for the technological development as a separate company on site.”

The basic structure is therefore clear. Aimondo AG in Zurich forms the head of this and the distributors in the various countries are working on it. The same goes for development teams. Professional clients, some of which are located all over the world, deal with only one central administrative and legal headquarters. Active practical support continues to be provided in the local language or through dedicated national offices.

At a time when the question of a physical headquarters no longer arises anyway, it is a gateway structure to the globally structured and virtually structured company. “The best place to work is where I choose myself,” says Harvard professor Raj Choudhury in an interview with business magazine brandeins (issue 4/22). Whether this requires a physical seat is up for discussion. And whether it’s in Düsseldorf, Zurich, Limassol or completely virtual remains to be seen. Stephan A. Jansen, professor of management, innovation and financing at the Karlshochschule in Karlsruhe and visiting professor for urban innovation at the Berlin University of the Arts, adds in the same issue: “On the one hand, this will become more analog, that is to say more co-present in the head office, which is both an event space, restaurant, bar, dance hall, sports club, university, design house and media… And more On the other hand, companies will have a nifty digital twin, with which one can realize oneself undisturbed and self-determined in one’s welcoming office with pets, plants and professional home video studios – as if one were on square. Even if some have never heard of it and others already don’t take it seriously: the metaverses could really have a future as a digital twin.”

With the exception of the core technical team in Düsseldorf, Müller says it’s like this: “The people we are looking for already have a job. That’s why we have to offer them something that no one else can. And he also draws inspiration from Spryker’s Elise Müller, who is responsible for New Worlds of Work there. According to Müller, the order of priority is: “Remote first, all meetings take place digitally” Elise Müller herself sits at the computer in a T-shirt during the video interview with brandeins, with lush vegetation in the background. She had connected from San José, Costa Rica.

A way of working that their namesake at Aimondo also practices. He’s been in constant conferences with the team for years. From Germany, Austria, USA or Cyprus. In a classic structure, he would likely be the mayor of a global village modeled on MIT professor Marshall McLuhan, who coined the term 60 years ago in his book “The Gutenberg Galaxy.”

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