Ambu, the world leader in single-use endoscopy, hosts grand opening of new manufacturing facility in Mexico

COLUMBIA, Maryland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ambu held a grand opening of its new manufacturing facility, located in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, on October 11. With a total capacity of nearly 323,000 square feet, the new plant is Ambu’s largest plant, enabling the company to accelerate future production and product supply.

Securing growing manufacturing capacity is imperative after a period of instability in the global supply chain. The new plant is a strategic step to get closer to the North American market by having a more sustainable and flexible approach to supply chain constraints, allowing cost effective transport and better supply of products to customers.

“The opening of our new manufacturing site in Mexico is an important milestone for Ambu. Delivering innovative, high quality products to our customers is our number one priority, and this has been a key area during Covid-19 and global supply chain disruptions,” says Britt Meelby Jensen, CEO of Ambu A/S. “Our investment in the new Mexican plant is a strategic move to secure future production capacity, which will increase our flexibility and proximity to customers in North America and thereby ensure reliable product supply.”

Industrial footprint strengthened in record time

The new manufacturing plant in Mexico was built in less than two years. The foundation stone was laid in March 2021 and the first products – SPUR resuscitators – were shipped to the United States. At the plant, Ambu will produce single-use endoscopes in the four main segments of endoscopy – Pulmonology, Urology, ENT and GI – as well as parts of our Anesthesia portfolio. Additionally, the company expects to create a total of 2,000 to 3,000 new jobs as it ramps up production in the coming years.

“We built this factory in record time. It is the culmination of the dedication, determination and focus of our colleagues and external partners to strengthen our manufacturing footprint. With our existing factories in China, Malaysia and the United States, our new Mexico-based factory prepares Ambu for future growth,” says Henrik Ankjær, executive vice president of global operations at Ambu.

Today, Ambu owns and operates manufacturing facilities in China, Malaysia, the United States and Mexico, totaling nearly 1.1 million square feet of production space across continents. On top of that, the new factory holds an additional 215,000 square feet for future expansion.

Ambu USA President Steven Block said the increased capacity of the new plant will make a tangible difference.

“Demand for single-use endoscopes continues to grow in the United States, and with the Mexico City plant, we will be able to maintain a strengthened supply of medical devices, which will ultimately benefit our customers and their patients. for the coming years,” Block underlines.

Click to see more photos of the grand opening at which Ambu was honored with the participation of the Mayor of Ciudad Juárez, Cruz Pérez Cuéllar.

Click to see the latest photos of the Ambu factory in Mexico.


Ambu has been bringing the solutions of the future to life since 1937. Today, millions of patients and healthcare professionals around the world depend on the efficiency, safety and performance of our solutions for endoscopy, anesthesia and single-use patient monitoring. We are constantly looking to the future with a commitment to providing quality, innovative products that have a positive impact on patient care and the work of healthcare professionals. Based near Copenhagen in Denmark, Ambu employs approximately 5,000 people in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. For more information, please visit or or follow us on our Corporate LinkedIn Pages and USA LinkedIn Pages.

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