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Biopharmacy company Amgen will open a new 270,000 square foot manufacturing facility in New Albany and, with New Albany City Council approval on June 28, will create up to 400 new jobs in the area.

Construction on Amgen New Albany’s $ 365 million facility began this fall and is expected to be operational by 2024, according to the company’s press release. The new facility will assemble and package vials and syringes. The new facility is located near Beech Road and National Highway 161.

“We look forward to forging strong ties with the Columbus community,” said Arlene Paulino, senior vice president of manufacturing at Amgen, in the statement. “A dynamic business environment, access to an ever-growing talent pool, favorable operating costs and a central location in terms of logistics are all important reasons for our decision to locate it here. do.”

Amgen is expected to be paid $ 40 million to hire 400 full-time employees, including technicians and engineers, quality assurance, quality control and managerial positions.

New Albany Mayor Sloan Spording said in a statement that Amgen sees great potential in what he brings to the community.

“We are delighted to welcome Amgen to New Albany,” said Spalding. “They’re great for everything from business value to product quality, and we’re excited to take advantage of New Albany’s robust infrastructure and speed to market. Today, Amgen. This is a great victory for our region in what it brings to Ohio for manufacturing, R&D, education and employment opportunities. “

Scott McAfee, director of communications and marketing for New Albany, told Columbus Jewish News that he has filed a lawsuit against Amgen because of its infrastructure, proximity to major population centers and its track record of success.

“New Albany not only has excavator-friendly sites, but also the people, processes, national and local partners to help us be successful in our business,” says McAfee. “New Albany is located between 500 and 500 miles from the US and Canadian population and is very logistically powerful. The entire New Albany International Business Park has a redundant power supply and three times the fiber optic infrastructure. Proven track record in helping businesses of all sizes. “

According to McAfee, Amgen’s presence will benefit the community in many ways beyond the new work it offers.

“Amgen is a company of gratitude and the foundation of its philanthropy is proof. Their presence will go far beyond work and enhance education, research and manufacturing efforts. “

According to The Columbus Dispatch, the establishment’s annual salary is expected to be around $ 41 million.

According to Dispatch, state tax credits are worth up to $ 15 million over the next 15 years, depending on the number of jobs created. The City of New Albany has granted other tax deductions, including a 100% property tax reduction over 15 years, for projects built on the Licking County side of real estate that spans the counties by Licking and Franklin.

Ricking Heights principal Philip Wagner told Newark Advocate that approximately 75% of the facility will be located within the Ricking Heights School District footprint. He said the remaining 25% was within New Albany School boundaries.

According to Advocate, Wagner said the additional income for Ricking Heights School is estimated to be around $ 400,000 per year.

According to Columbus Business First, the local school in New Albany Plains is expected to receive $ 127,000 per year in new property taxes.

Additionally, McAfee said Amgen’s move was aimed at helping other companies claim to relocate to New Albany.

“We always want businesses to move here, see the value of their investment here, and then decide to expand here,” he said. “It will be known in time if this is happening at Amgen and all of the benefits we discussed still apply.”

Amgen is headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California.

Sammi Fremont is a writing intern for Clifford and Linda Wolf.


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