Battle Motors Announces Completion of Factory Expansion in Ohio Tripling Production Footprint

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Michael Patterson, CEO of Battle Motors, said, “We’ve invested in expanding Battle Motors’ physical factory, acquired the right technology, and are committed to the people of central Ohio by creating jobs. high tech to a truly memorable moment.

Proving that large-scale manufacturing and innovation are alive and well in the heartland of America, Battle Motors today announced that the company’s newly expanded production facility is open and fully operational. A game changer for the company, a leader in the professional truck industry, the plant’s size has grown significantly from 125,000 square feet to 325,000 square feet, or more than five football fields. Located in New Philadelphia, Ohio, the plant is where Battle Motors manufactures diesel, CNG (clean natural gas), and all-electric vehicles.

The newly modernized facility is designed to maximize the throughput of the company’s multiple production lines and transform operations as Battle Motors scales to meet the demands of the changing transportation landscape. From additional production lines, shipping bays and receiving docks to the latest technologies used in manufacturing, paint application and vehicle assembly, Battle Motors has effectively cleared the way to take the leadership of the heavy-duty truck industry through the nationwide rollout of all-electric trucks.

Founder and CEO of Battle Motors, Michael Patterson, said “expanding our factory and scaling up production represents the most ambitious chapter yet in this company’s 75-year history. . We’ve invested in physical plant expansion, acquired the right technology, and most importantly, we’ve made a commitment to the people of central Ohio by already adding 200 employees to our workforce and creating high tech at a truly memorable moment. That’s the game.

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To accomplish this ambitious vision, Battle Motors invested $32 million in the facility to jump-start vehicle manufacturing, production capacity and delivery to a level consistent with company plans. The investment allows the Battle Motors team to manufacture its full line of trucks with disruptive feature sets, including a class-leading powertrain paired with Battle Motors’ “Smart Cab” featuring a digital instrument panel and proprietary software, RevolutionOS™.

“Reaching this milestone is definitely an achievement that we are very proud of,” said company COO Cody Boggs. “Our team of local labor and contractors has minimized the disruption that can be expected with an expansion of this size and our production numbers have been truly impressive. Working within the confines of our original factory , we are still hitting record month-on-month numbers, hitting our 2021 total in July this year.

Today, Battle Motors executives are more optimistic than ever about future production. This is driven by the new facility’s ongoing assembly flow and automation upgrades, fueled by vertical integration capabilities including 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC machining.

Looking to the future, company management notes that Battle Motors has additional square footage adjacent to the new facility where new assets are planned to be built. These include everything from R&D and prototype manufacturing spaces to a test track.



Battle Motors was founded in 2021 by Mike Patterson, the founder of Romeo Power. Battle Motors, a leader in the development of electric vehicle (EV) technology, acquired commercial vehicle original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Crane Carrier Company, LLC (CCC) in 2021. Battle Motors is the industry leader in professional trucks, providing work-ready diesel, clean natural gas (CNG) and now EV chassis designed and manufactured in North America for the waste and recycling markets. Battle Motor’s durable and reliable trucks are designed to excel in a multitude of applications that now include mid- and last-mile delivery. CCC has been manufacturing utility vehicles for 76 years and is based in New Philadelphia, Ohio.

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