Cambridge Touch Technologies Ltd announces customer sampling of its new state-of-the-art Force-Touch UTA3221 controller SOC with Arm Cortex-M processor

UTA3221 Touch Controller System on Chip

The launch of the UTA3221 represents an exciting milestone for CTT and our customers.

The many applications of UltraTouch

Cambridge Touch Technologies Ltd. (“CTT”, “Company”) today announced the availability for customer sampling of its new state-of-the-art UTA3221 Touch Controller System-on-Chip (SOC). The UTA3221 is custom designed for use with CTT’s UltraTouch piezoelectric all-in-one position and force sensing solution.

UltraTouch is next-generation touch technology that delivers a richer, more satisfying user experience with our smart devices by enabling the touch strength of each finger, as well as location, to be determined. UltraTouch is a platform solution combining an advanced transparent piezoelectric film that is flexible and thinner than a human hair, along with sophisticated algorithms, AI and machine learning, all integrated into a screen sensor projected capacitive touch or an industry standard smart surface.

There are billions of devices, from consumer smartphones to home appliances, to monitors in hospitals or inside your car, where touch control is either desirable for more intuitive user operation or essential for safety. Force-touch actuated devices can be used in the rain and even under water, or when the user is wearing gloves, safety gauntlets, or sterile personal protective equipment. Additionally, it can replace mechanical buttons with virtual buttons that behave and look like the real thing, while force-operated smart surfaces can be glass, metal, ceramic, polymer, and natural materials like wood. and vegan leather. UltraTouch is a force-touch technology that provides such capabilities and more, and is scalable, enabling deployment on a wide range of device sizes and form factors, including curved and flexible.

The new UTA3221 touch controller SOC, powered by an Arm® Cortex®-M processor, is a key component of the CTT UltraTouch piezo solution. The company was able to access Cortex-M processors through the Arm Flexible Access program, which gives businesses access to the broadest set of proven IP, tools and support at a low cost. The UTA3221 is a revolutionary chip that integrates custom-designed and patented analog front-end circuitry along with the digital electronics and sophisticated algorithms of CTT, AI, and machine learning, all in a single 76-pin QFN package. less than 5 mm on the side. It achieves a noise floor and sensitivity that makes the UTA3221 uniquely compatible with piezoelectric film sensors and nearly impossible-to-produce pico-coulomb (one trillionth of a coulomb) signals that are generated by touch. The UTA3221 can simultaneously detect up to 10 independent force inputs, while multiple chips can be daisy-chained for very large screens or surfaces. It incorporates native edge capabilities and OTA (over-the-air) programmability to enable seamless feature releases in the field and on-demand feature customization by the end user, enabling feature revenue opportunities as a service. Additionally, the UTA3221’s low-power operation (32uW idle) makes it suitable for demanding battery-operated devices. The UTA3221 was developed on an automotive process but is compatible with all applications including consumer, medical and industrial.

According to Corbin Church, CEO, “UltraTouch is a significant evolution in how humans interact with their devices. The UTA3221 achieves its step-change performance through the use of CTT’s patented technologies combined with an efficient and low power consumption Arm Cortex-M processor. The UTA3221 is perfectly matched with our high-end UltraTouch sensing technology which uses sophisticated DSP, AI and machine learning algorithms, and also enables OTA feature control and upgrade capabilities at the edge, which is particularly relevant in the growing market for connected cars, for example. ”

Andy Matthews, COO, said, “The launch of the UTA3221 is an exciting milestone for CTT and our customers. Not only does our new state-of-the-art chip provide them with differentiating features and new added value, but its availability means our customers can easily expand and deploy UltraTouch across many of their existing product lines, while enabling the design of new brand new products. and functionality. At the same time, it provides them with the supply chain options they need in the volumes they want.”

CTT will provide a sample of its new UTA3221 in customer projects and in volume to its licensees. CTT will also offer a UTA3221 (EVK) evaluation kit for purchase on its website. Interested creators can register or purchase at

Please contact us at [email protected] to find out how you can access our new UTA3221 or to find out more.

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About Cambridge Touch Technologies

Recognized as the 2021 Best Startup in Cambridge, UK, as well as one of 22 European companies named to the 2020 EE Times Silicon 100, CTT combines touch, artificial intelligence, cloud and cutting-edge technologies in its UltraTouch piezo localization and its market leading force sensing Solution. UltraTouch is designed for smart devices and surfaces found in a variety of vertical markets such as consumer electronics, industrial, medical and automotive.

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