Construction firm named for £30m manufacturing plant | North East Real Estate News

A Cramlington-based off-site construction company specializing in zero-carbon buildings has been appointed by Piramal Pharma Solutions to set up a £30 million antibody-drug conjugate manufacturing plant.

Merit Health will use its FlexiPOD V4.0 platform to design, build and validate the Grangemouth-based facility in 16 months.

Piramal offers end-to-end development and manufacturing services to global pharmaceutical companies, developing and manufacturing bio-conjugates, including antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) that are used in targeted cancer therapies and have potential wider for other applications.

The increase in demand for such therapies led Piramal to need an accelerated solution to rapidly increase its manufacturing capacities.

Merit Health will use its service, which is a hybrid offering of traditional shell and core and offsite layout, which is particularly suitable for large technical buildings such as biopharmaceutical facilities and hospitals.

Reducing Merit’s construction footprint benefits overall costs, both in terms of capital investment and ongoing revenue, including maintenance and energy.

Tony Wells, Managing Director of Merit Health, said: “We are delighted to be working on another major manufacturing facility expansion project, showing that the UK life sciences sector is on a significant and rapid growth trajectory. .

“We understand that speed and cost-effectiveness combined with minimized risk and successful first-time validation are essential for the rapid development of such treatments. Our off-site offering has been developed to meet these imperatives, which means that critical therapies and products are in production and manufacturing much faster than traditional construction methods can deliver.”

He added, “We are also proud to work with the Piramal team to eliminate Scope 1 carbon emissions from the building design as well as the reduction of Scopes 2 and 3 through off-site fabrication for sustainability as well as the productivity.

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