Could the Google Watch be a contender?

Google has pulled back the curtain on the long-awaited Pixel Watch, and we have an idea of ​​how it compares to Apple’s latest wearable.

It’s no secret here that the Apple Watch 7 is our favorite smartwatch right now, currently at the top of our list of best smartwatches, but the question has always remained whether another wearable could ever dethrone the Apple Watch. ‘Apple Watch. With the Pixel Watch now a reality, we could finally see a real competitor that could bring the competition straight to Apple.

While we still have a lot to learn about the Pixel Watch – we’ll refrain from any definitive verdict until we’ve had a chance to test it – there are still some interesting points of comparison to look at. To find out how the Pixel Watch compares to the Apple Watch 7, keep reading.


Wear OS watches have rarely shied away from having a circular display that more closely mirrors a more traditional analog watch, and the Pixel Watch is no different. Unlike other Wear OS devices like the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra, the Pixel Watch’s screen is flush with the bezel to create a seamless look between the screen and the rest of the chassis.

Google has yet to reveal the specs of this screen, but at first glance it doesn’t seem to go as far as the Apple Watch 7 screen. Of course, that 1.9 screen inches adheres to the Apple. The watch’s box-like frame, so there’s going to be a fair amount of personal preference when it comes to what screen style you prefer.


The big appeal of the Pixel Watch is its use of Wear OS 3 which until now has only been on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. However, for the Pixel Watch, Google is keen to call the updated software “Wear OS by Google” which hints at a bespoke overlay that can only be found on Google’s first-party wearable.

Although the software uses Google’s own apps such as Assistant, Google Pay and Maps, not much is known beyond how the user interface works, but we anticipate this information gap will be filled. fast enough.

The Apple Watch 7, on the other hand, currently uses watchOS 8 – Apple’s proprietary software that cannot be found on any other wearable device outside of Apple’s ecosystem. Generally, the battle between watchOS and Wear OS 2 has been in favor of Apple, but that could change depending on the development of the new Wear OS 3, both from Google and app developers. third.

The beginnings of the Google Pixel Watch
Credit: Google


Like everything else, Google has decided to keep the main Pixel Watch features close to its chest for now, but it let slip that Fitbit’s ecosystem will be a big chunk of fitness tracking expertise. of the laptop. For starters, Fitbit’s Active Zone Minutes – which calculates your fitness goals week by week – will be implemented on the Pixel Watch.

This is great news for anyone making their foray into the world of fitness, as it’s a much more forgiving system that recognizes that some days are harder than others to work out quickly. Continuous heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking will also make their way from Fitbit devices.

With Fitbit’s expertise under its belt, the Pixel Watch could be a serious thorn in Apple’s side, but there’s still some way to go if it is to beat the Apple Watch on features. From a wide array of organized watch faces and widget integration from a range of popular apps, the Apple Watch benefits from years of app store and interface development, and that’s exactly why the watch has remained the top dog.

First verdict

With so much of the Pixel Watch still shrouded in mystery, it’s impossible to draw a definitive comparison to the Apple Watch 7, but from what little we know, there’s a solid foundation here to offer a real contender. to Apple’s laptop.

Fitbit integration could easily become Pixel Watch’s flagship feature, but the deciding factor will no doubt come down to how well Wear OS 3 performs on the device and whether it’s efficient enough to deliver substantial battery life – a key area where most flagship smartwatches tend to fall short (the Apple Watch included).

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