Crime blotter: $ 18,000 in iPhones removed from the Temecula Apple Store, iPhone theft by a gang of knives, …

IPhones taken from the Apple Store in Temecula, a former AT&T employee convicted of fraud, and an iPhone stolen by a Gang of Ten.

The Temecula Apple Store

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$ 18,000 in iPhones collected from the Temecula Apple Store

The recent high-profile stretch of retail thefts from high-end stores mostly bypassed Apple Stores, but a theft was reported at a California Apple Store in December.

Police are looking for a man who walked into the Apple Store in Temecula, Riverside County, Calif., and took away 20 iPhones.

After entering the store with a bag and scissors, the thief put the phones in a bag, according to The Press-Company. When a witness attempted to intervene, the thief “brandished a handgun”.

Best Buy thieves in Alabama cut a hole in the roof

At the end of November, a group of thieves broke into a Alabama’s Best Buy by drilling a hole in the roof and climbing inside. Then, they stole “a large amount” of computer hardware, specifically targeting Apple products.

According to Fox 10, the burglary took place in the middle of the night shortly before Black Friday, and the thieves, who brought a ladder, “spent about two hours inside the store.”

The CEO of Best Buy, during an earnings conference call in November, specifically had talked about theft in retail, fearing that the fear of such a crime would wreak havoc among the employees.

Former AT&T employee convicted of fraud over iPhones scheme

40-year-old man from North Carolina was found guilty Dec. 10 on federal charges of conspiracy, access device fraud and aggravated identity theft. According to a press release from the Department of Justice, the man and an accomplice used their positions as employees of the AT&T store to illegally establish cell accounts with stolen information.

The duo are said to issue iPhones using the fake accounts, selling them in some cases.

Man jailed for stealing ex-girlfriend via Face ID drugged unlock

A man in China has been jailed for stealing 151,202 yuan from his ex-girlfriend by secretly transferring it from his Alipay account. He did it from his own iPhone, which he unlocked by adding cold medicine to his food, then lifted his eyelids to pull through Face ID.

While the woman was told by her bank of the large transfer the next morning, it took months of investigation before the man has been arrested, reports News18. He was sentenced to a fine and 3.5 years in prison.

Stolen iPhone, with NHRA ring

Among the articles stolen from a Best Western in Indianapolis in mid-December was an iPhone X, computer, and National Hot Rod Association championship ring.

According to WISH TV, the theft took place on December 11.

iPhone stolen by “10 gangs of mighty knives”

A man in Birmingham, UK had his iPhone stolen by a group of ten men with knives. Birmingham live reports that the gang members first threatened to stab the men, before taking the iPhone 12 Pro Max, along with a tracksuit.

After the theft, according to the report, the thieves started fighting each other over the iPhone. The victim refused to hand over his access code to the thieves.

Georgia man arrested for using fake iPhone ID and purchasing AirPods

Georgia man arrested for use a fake ID to buy two iPhones, as well as AirPods at two different Verizon stores, as well as to “fight with an officer” afterwards.

According to TribLive, the man is accused of using the fake ID in a store for iPhones. When police searched the man’s truck, it was discovered that he allegedly purchased $ 800 of AirPods at another Verizon store.

The man was arrested for resisting arrest, providing false identification to authorities, concealing stolen and stealing goods.

AT&T employee arrested at airport for theft, pleads guilty

A 20-year-old former employee of an AT&T store in Florida has been suspected of steal three iPhones, two pairs of AirPods and other items from the store. In May, he was arrested at the Southwest Florida International Airport, with some of the stolen items in his possession.

Fort Myers News Press reports that the man has since pleaded guilty to burglary, robbery, assaulting a police officer and bribery at police threat. He was sentenced to 270 days in prison.

In a social media conversation obtained by authorities, the man reportedly said, “I’m bouta go rob AT&T.”

Penn State student arrested for apartment theft

Penn State student faces stealing charges over $ 5,000 value of items from an apartment complex, including at least an iPhone and a MacBook Pro.

According to the Penn State Information Website Advanced state, the student was charged with burglary, criminal intrusion, theft and receiving stolen property. He was spotted by security cameras performing some of the thefts, according to the report.

Woman’s iPhone stolen from casino

A woman have drinks with friends at Valley Forge Casino in Pennsylvania, his iPhone 12 was stolen from the bar by an unknown thief.

Sanatoga substation writes that soldiers working for the Bureau of Gaming Enforcement have determined that a 47-year-old woman from nearby Upper Chichester is a suspect, but the investigation is ongoing.

Three arrests in the theft of the iPhone of an Indian actor

Two men were arrested for the flight Indian actor Nikita Dutta’s iPhone, and a third was arrested for buying the stolen iPhone from them, Indian express reported.

The thieves allegedly stole bikes, one distracting Dutta while the other picked up the iPhone. The report said it was one of several thefts committed by the duo that day.

Finalist of the 2012 Femina Miss India competition, Dutta appears in Bollywood films.

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