e-commerce scam: six people detained for defrauding an e-commerce website in UP

A man and three delivery agents scammed an e-commerce website for Rs 50 lakh in the state capital.

Police have now arrested gang mastermind Sachin Tiwari and his aides Shubham Yadav and Vikas Yadav, Dharamveer Yadav, Ravindra Kumar Yadav and Abhishek Dubey.

The scam surfaced during an internal company audit at its Lucknow-based office when electronic gadget reservations on fake addresses were stolen between September 23 and 26.

Delivery to these false addresses was made by the same agents. Later an FIR was filed and investigations began.

Ravindra, Shubham, and Dharmveer worked as delivery agents at a company responsible for cargo delivery work and they helped Sachin and others perform the theft.

Police recovered 43 Apple mobile phones, seven tablets, an I-pad, 25 USB cables, two packs of tapes from an online retailer and other items which they used to open and repackage boxes.

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Ashutosh Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police, said: “Ravindra, Shubham and Dharamveer, in collusion with Sachin, have placed orders for electronic gadgets from addresses of their choice. Since they worked as delivery agents, they knew well in advance when the goods would arrive.”

He said that after receiving the goods, the disbelievers used to take things out of the boxes, replacing them with clay.

Then they repackaged the boxes back to their original shape and later the malefactors sent the boxes back to the warehouse, mentioning that the customers’ addresses could not be found and finally the boxes were sent back to the online sales company .

The online retailer wrote to the company responsible for delivering goods in Lucknow asking who was replacing the items in the boxes with clay, police said.

The Lucknow-based company conducted an investigation and eventually the cluster manager filed an FIR against Ravindra, Shubham and Dharamveer and their leader Sachin.

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