EVM measurement technique saves time

NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS A fast-converging cross-correlation measurement technique to provide the best error vector magnitude (EVM) performance with wireless LAN (WLAN) signals. The new technique uses patented technology that enables engineers to improve both the accuracy and measurement speed of critical EVM measurements. It enables WLAN device manufacturers to ensure specification compliance and peak performance while accelerating time to market. The multi-instrument measurement technique takes advantage of two NI vector signal transceivers (VSTs). The approach uses cross-correlation signal processing to improve measurement accuracy and achieve WiFi7 performance specifications. The new technique implements patented technology that enables engineers to reduce the time required to perform extremely high dynamic range, high bandwidth measurements by up to 100 times compared to traditional cross-correlation methods, depending on the scenario. The result reduces product characterization times, allowing test engineers to speed time to market. The EVM measurement technique described here is protected by U.S. Patent No. 10,841,019 and U.S. Patent Publication No: 20220065972.

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