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Fun Factory on a promising start

Posted at 12:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 13, 2022

SALISBURY — Since The Fun Factory officially opened on October 29, owner Marianna Riley Jarrett has been surprised by Salisbury’s reaction to the indoor playground.

“I was hoping this business would be a good thing for the community, something good for the kids to do and I think the response has been positive. We are definitely looking to expand our staff as we are a bit busier than expected said Jarrett.

She said additional classes would be offered for children and parents for yoga, arts, story time, painting and even ninja activities once the holidays are over. With the temperatures dropping outside, people will need somewhere nice and warm to relax or play. Jarrett makes plans to get people involved.

“I really think winter is going to be our very busy and booming time, just because something indoors for the kids to do when it’s bad weather or cold, I think it’s okay to resume. We have many upcoming events. For Christmas, we are going to do a photo shoot with Santa Claus, letters to Santa Claus, we are going to organize an Elsa tea party.

The Fun Factory has partnered with local bakery Southern
SweeTees, which provides sweets for sale in advance.

“So far it’s been a very good partnership. So kind of two local businesses coming together,” according to Jarrett. The establishment also offers sandwiches and personal pizzas, but plans include building a cafe for other food options.

Initially catering to the younger clientele, Jarrett realized once the business opened that it was necessary to start thinking about older demographics too.

“When we initially opened we thought this establishment would be for 14 and under only, but upon opening we realized there was this desire and need for a slightly older clientele. So is something we’re working with because it just wasn’t in the original plan,” Jarrett said.

Well in the future, Jarrett thinks they could expand the arcade and add a laser tag course in the nearby space she owns. Jarrett, who also owns the dance studio in the adjoining space, was pleased with how the two companies have embraced each other to provide a special experience for families.

“It’s good because siblings can come and play while their sister or brother dances. It’s also good because after the dance or before the dance, the children can play, they can come and have a snack or a drink or whatever,” she said.

The Fun Factory allowed children of veterans free entry for Veterans Day and plans to stay open late on Christmas parade day.

“I think it’s wonderful to have something so close to home that kids can do,” said Jodi Callahan, a visitor from Lexington. “It’s just a nice, fun, safe place that’s great to bring the kids. I think we often have to go to Winston-Salem for so many things like this, so it’s nice to be from Lexington to have something so close to home.

The Fun Factory has play areas and activities for kids of all ages, as well as an arcade with plenty of games to choose from.


The Fun Factory offers many types of playgrounds and activities for children of all ages.

The Fun Factory has an arcade with a bunch of games to choose from.

Southern SweeTees baked goods are available at The Fun Factory.


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