Good Credit lends money in the form of micro loans


Good Credit lends money in the form of micro loans where their largest loan extends up to USD 8,000. Good Credit also has a slightly different way of working compared to many other lenders.

That they offer their new customers to borrow for free if they choose a loan of USD 1,500 is perhaps not unusual. What is rather unusual about Good Credit is that they offer their repeat customers a 5% discount on the loan costs.

If you are a new customer at Good Credit


you cannot borrow all the way up to USD 8,000, but then the upper limit is USD 5,000. When it comes to maturity for the various loan amounts, it varies quite considerably. Usually you have a choice between a few different options. The choices are normally 30, 45, 60 or 90 days.

The longer you borrow the money the more expensive it will be but the benefit is that the monthly cost will be lower. For example, a 90-day loan must be repaid on three occasions, while a 30-day loan is repaid in full once.

Conditions for borrowing from Good Credit


In order to borrow money from Good Credit, the borrower must have reached the age of 20 and be 70 years as the oldest. The borrower must be a Swedish citizen and also currently written in Sweden. In order for Good Credit to secure the borrower’s identity, it is required that a non-secret telephone number or a personal account with Good Finance with a personal number as the account number is registered.

If you look at income it is required that the borrower has an income of at least USD 50,000 per year if a loan up to USD 5,000 is applied for. If a larger loan than desired, an annual income of USD 150,000 is required. A borrower may not have any payment notes.

Good Credit offers the following types of loans

Good Credit offers the following types of loans

  • Micro loans up to USD 5,000 for new customers.
  • Micro loans up to USD 8,000 for repeat customers.

Below you will find a link that goes directly to Good Credit’s website. There you can find exact information about exactly this lender’s various services. If you want to borrow money, this is also the way to go.