Irish OEM Novum opens new manufacturing plant for R290 cabinets


The plant will double production of LEAP units in response to increased demand.

Irish OEM Novum has opened a new 100,000-footer2 (9,290 m2) manufacturing plant for its patented LEAP plug-in refrigerated cabinets which use propane (R290) as refrigerant.

The facility, located in Dublin’s Clonshaugh district, was inaugurated by Novum CEO Jim Greene on November 2 in the presence of Leo Varadkar, Irish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment; and Tom Kelly, Director of the Innovation and Competitiveness Division of Enterprise Ireland.

The new facility was built in response to growing demand in Europe and North America for Novum’s LEAP R290 cabinets. It will double the company’s manufacturing capacity and create 50 new jobs.

“Today is a proud day in Novum’s 62-year history,” Greene said at the launch. “I would like to congratulate the Novum team and thank our customers who have been loyal to Novum for decades, such as Picard Surgelés, Iceland Food, Northwest Canada and Dunnes.

“We are delighted to be able to double production to meet the growing demand for our breakthrough technology,” added the CEO.

“It is wonderful to see an Irish company doing so well,” said Deputy Prime Minister Varadkar. “I am also very happy to see the success of the company in making its products more sustainable. All businesses need to prepare their businesses for the future, which will be less dependent on fossil fuels. The technology developed by Novum will undoubtedly make them much more resilient and efficient in the future. “

“Novum’s success proves how innovative Irish companies are gaining a unique market advantage by planning for a low carbon future, where energy efficiency and sustainability are at the heart of customer concerns,” said Kelly when opening. “The expansion of Novum’s manufacturing capacity today proves that there are great opportunities for Irish companies in the transition to a low carbon economy. “

High efficiency units

Novum’s R290 LEAP cabinets, like the Grand Cayman and Panama Green series, offer high energy efficiency. This typically gives a 20% reduction in energy consumption compared to HFC units, according to Eoin Lennon, chief technology officer at Novum.

The cabinets are equipped with “thawless” technology, which means easier defrost cycles and no thaw cycles. This promotes a stable temperature of the freezer cabinet, thereby reducing food loss. “It keeps your packaging dry and there is no moisture in the cabinets,” Lennon explained.

Grand Cayman units feature hermetically self-contained cassettes containing 65 g (2.5 oz) of refrigerant. This reduces the risk of store leaks and also allows for easy maintenance without costly downtime.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, Novum developed “antimicrobial coatings” for the lid handles of refrigeration units, as well as for the chest frame points where people come in contact, and automated sensor-actuated refrigerator lids, meaning shoppers don’t have to touch shared surfaces.

“We are delighted to be able to double production to meet the growing demand for our breakthrough technology”, – Jim Greene, Novum

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