Live Russia War Updates: Vladimir Putin’s Ambassador Says They Have A Right To Push The Nuclear Button

Russian troops have ‘ONLY days worth of food’

RUSSIAN troops have just three days of supplies left, according to the Ukrainian military, while Vladimir Putin’s forces suffer from frostbite due to Ukrainian ‘hit-and-run’ tactics.

Troops have just three more days of fuel, food and ammunition left to fight the war after their supply chains have been disrupted, Ukrainian military commanders have claimed.

“We believe Russian forces used a lot of materiel, including particular categories of weapons, and we saw isolated reports of particular units running out of supplies of one kind or another,” the official said. responsible.

“It is consistent with a progression that has stopped. Supply chain failures were one of the reasons they weren’t as efficient as they had hoped.

Western officials described this as a “plausible” situation that happened to Putin’s troops.

Moreover, Moscow’s forces have also suffered setbacks in areas such as Makariv near kyiv, raising fears that a desperate Vladimir Putin may turn to chemical weapons.

The Ukrainians deployed devastating hit and run tactics against enemy tanks as some of the ill-prepared Kremlin forces suffered frostbite and could no longer fight, according to US officials.

According to US President Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin is now “back to the wall” because of this.

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