Newberg Summer Camp Offers Real-World Engineering Experience

The George Fox University High School Maker Camp aims to get students interested in STEM careers early.

NEWBERG, Oregon – High school students get real-world engineering experience at George Fox University High School Creators Camp at Newberg.

The goal is to engage students in STEM careers — science, technology, engineering, and math — as they connect, collaborate, and problem solve on engineering projects.

There are three different sessions, each about a week long.

Drew Harris, 17, told KGW he wants to become an engineer when he gets older, and the program gives him industrial tools he wouldn’t normally have access to.

“I don’t have all this equipment at home. I can’t do it myself,” Harris said. “It’s great that they let all these high school students use this wonderful piece of equipment. Great teachers to help us get into engineering.”

High school students work alongside George Fox University engineering students and professors to create their own custom projects. They take full advantage of the university experience and even live in dormitories on campus.

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Associate Professor Todd Curtis said that even if kids aren’t interested in engineering, it’s still a good experience.

“Students come in and it’s just a crash course where students learn what engineering is by doing,” Curtis said. “They make things and take things home when their time is up.”

Each week of camp begins with a hands-on introduction to all equipment and engineering concepts.

Camper Joice Cheng, 16, said she didn’t want to be an engineer, but was glad she got the experience.

“It was mainly my father who pushed me into this experience,” Cheng said. “It helped me realize that it’s really interesting work, but not something that interests me.”

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The camp is not free, but scholarships are available for students who cannot afford to attend.

Interested persons can complete a survey at this link. People who want to register for the camp can do so here.

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