NOVOSENSE has launched a multi-chip product portfolio to enable the industrial and automotive market

SHANGHAI, September 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Integrated circuit design company NOVOSENSE Microelectronics (hereafter NOVOSENSE) has announced the launch of 6 new series of qualified industrial and automotive chips, including isolated sampling, isolated driver, the gate driver, non-isolated high voltage half-bridge driver, silicon microphone conditioning chip and gauge pressure sensor, used in new energy vehicles, industry, consumer electronics, fields medical.

Automotive electronic solutions enabled by NOVOSENSE

1, driver IC:

NSi6801 Series Single Channel Isolated Driver

The NSi6801 single-channel isolated driver is optocoupler input compatible. Compared with traditional optocoupler gate driver, it has excellent performance and longer life, which can work in higher temperature environment with shorter propagation delay and less pulse width distortion . It can be used to drive power tubes such as SiC, IGBT and MOSFET.

The first generation of NSi6801 series was officially launched in early 2021, and could be applied in industrial motors, servo motors, solar inverters, energy storage and other fields. With its excellent performance exceeding the international leading level, it has received positive feedback from markets and large volume orders from customers. In order to help customers reduce system cost and increase efficiency, the second generation was launched in August 2022 which is more profitable.

NSi66x1A/NSi6601M Series Single Channel Isolated Gate Driver

NSi66x1A and NSi6601M single-channel isolated gate drivers launched in 2022 are suitable for driving SiC, IGBT and MOSFET with automotive (AEC-Q100 standard) and industrial qualification. They are both widely used in new energy vehicles, air conditioning, power supply, solar inverter.

NSi66x1A is a kind of smart driver, providing up to 10A source and sink current and can directly drive high power devices without additional buffer circuits, which is essential for conventional solutions. Additionally, the NSi66x1A is equipped with DESAT overcurrent protection, soft shutdown, and Miller clamp, supporting separate output.

The NSi6601M incorporates Miller clamping function and is in high isolated withstand voltage, which is more suitable for high frequency, high voltage and high reliability applications.

NSD1624 Series Non-Isolated High-Voltage Half-Bridge Driver

NSD1624 is a recently released series of non-isolated high voltage half-bridge drivers which could be used to drive power devices such as MOSFET/IGBT.

NOVOSENSE innovatively applies the isolation solution to the high voltage half-bridge driver circuit, allowing the high voltage output side to withstand DC voltage up to 1200V, while the SW pin can meet the requirements high DV/DT and resistance to negative pressure spikes. It could be widely applied in high frequency, high voltage and high reliability applications such as half-bridge, full-bridge and LLC high voltage power topologies.

2, isolated sampling IC:

NSi1303/NSi1305 Series Isolated Sigma-Delta Modulator

NOVOSENSE NSi1303 and NSi1305 series isolated Sigma-Delta modulator IC has very low offset voltage and temperature drift, high common-mode transient immunity up to 150 kV/us and certified 5000 Vrms isolation voltage per UL1577. These technologies are applicable to typical applications in the industrial and automotive markets for current sampling in complex high voltage systems. The NSi1303 incorporates an internal clock and is available in encoded (NSi1303Ex) and unencoded (NSi1303M/Dx) versions, while the NSi1305 outputs data to be synchronized with the falling edge of the external clock, which fully meets different customer synchronization requirements.

The NSi1303 is an isolated Sigma-Delta modulator with internal clock, which has two options: 10MHz and 20MHz. The output data stream is synchronized with the internal clock. The corresponding linear differential input signal range of the NSi1303 is ±50 mV (full scale ±64 mV) or ±250 mV (full scale ±320 mV). The ±50mV input range corresponds to 4.9K differential input impedance, and the input range of ±250 mV corresponds to 22K differential input impedance.

The NSi1305 is an isolated Sigma-Delta modulator whose output data is synchronized with the falling edge of the external clock and whose frequency varies from 5 MHz to 21 MHz. The corresponding linear differential input signal range of the NSi1305 is ±50 mV (full scale ±64 mV) or ±250 mV (full scale ±320 mV). The ±50mV input range corresponds to 4.9K differential input impedance, and the input range of ±250 mV corresponds to 22K differential input impedance.

3, signal chain and sensor:

NSC6364 I2S interface silicone microphone conditioning chip

NSC6364 is an I2S interface silicon microphone conditioning chip developed by NOVOSENSE for wearable devices, smart home appliances and the Internet of Things. Combining with specific MEMS transducer, the SNR can reach more than 63dB, and it has 3 power modes: standby, low power and performance modes, which can meet the real-time system always-on listening needs. Compared with the traditional PDM microphone with audio ADC solution, this product can greatly reduce the system cost and power consumption of the acoustic acquisition channel.

NSC6364 mainly consists of low noise input buffer, analog to digital converter, digital signal processor, interface circuit, MEMS bias voltage generation circuit , an OTP adjustment and power control module. The NSC6364 supports BIAS and Gain adjustment and can be used with common MEMS transducers on the market. These tuning circuits can tune the final MEMS microphone +/- 1 dB according to customer requirements.

NSPGS5 Series Gauge Pressure Sensor

NOVOSENSE NSPGS5 series gauge pressure sensor adopts CMOS mixed signal conditioning chip to amplify, calibrate and compensate the MEMS array output, which can convert the pressure signal from -10kpa to +10kPa to analog signal with a range customizable output (0-5V) and digital Signal I2C. In addition, the built-in MEMS differential pressure die is designed based on the highly sensitive single-crystal silicon piezoresistive effect and adopts the CSOI MEMS silicon-silicon bonded advanced micromachining process. The accuracy and stability of the MEMS array over its lifetime is better than 1% FS.

This series of products are mainly used in ventilators, oxygen generators, anesthesia instruments, pulmonary function detectors, sphygmomanometers and biosafety cabinets and other medical fields, as well as blood flow detection. gas, pressure switch and industrial control.

Building a complete matrix of analog chip products with rapid large-scale growth

According to the 2022 half-year report published by NOVOSENSE, the company achieved a turnover of 793 million RMB in the first half of 2022, a year-over-year increase of 132.96%. During the reporting period, there has been strong growth in all types of chip products, and the company is now able to offer over 1100 models for sale.


NOVOSENSE Microelectronics (NOVOSENSE, SSE code 688052) is an extremely rugged and reliable analog and mixed-signal integrated circuit design company. Since its establishment in 2013, the company has focused on signal detection, system interconnection and power drive, providing complete semiconductor products and solutions such as sensor, signal chain, isolator, interface , power device, driver and power management, which are widely used. in the automotive, industrial, information communication and consumer electronics markets.

With the mission “Sense and Drive the Future, Build a Green, Smart and Connected World with Semiconductors”, the company is committed to providing chip-level solutions to connect the digital and real worlds.

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