Procter and Gamble: Influencing West Virginia Manufacturing Industry, #YesWV


Founded over 180 years ago as a soap and candle company, Procter and Gamble (P&G) is today the largest consumer goods company in the world. Not only is the growth of this business amazing, but the fact that one of their manufacturing facilities is in West Virginia, #YesWV, is also great.

In 2020, P&G quadrupled its production from the previous year, and this growth continued until 2021. Although much of the work at the Tabler Station plant is automated, with machines stacking pallets of drying sheets or automated guided vehicles rolling down the aisles of the factory. , the expertise of human workers is needed to ensure that the machines are functioning properly. Due to the state’s location and a reliable workforce with skills in various industries, West Virginia continues to be a great location for manufacturing bases like P&G.

“West Virginia has the lowest turnover rate for manufacturing jobs in the country and this kind of stability and our favorable business climate attracts companies to come and invest in our state,” said Mike Graney, executive director of the department. of West Virginia’s economic development. .

In West Virginia, manufacturers account for 9.88% of the state’s total economic output and employ 6.44% of the workforce. In the Eastern Panhandle, where P&G is located, the manufacturing sector is expected to generate the fastest rate of employment growth in the coming years, with a forecast of more than 4% per year.

P&G is actively recruiting and hiring workers for its manufacturing facility in Inwood, West Virginia. The facility currently employs over 1,400 people, and their vacancies can be found here.

Manufacturing plays a vital role in West Virginia and when companies like P&G keep saying #YesWV, the state is catapulted into the spotlight, attracting other companies and more loyal workers.

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