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Ukrainian mother’s horror as her own SON bombs her on a Russian plane

A Ukrainian mother has revealed her son is a Russian fighter pilot and bombed her country before being shot down.

Tear Elena Golovenskaya spoke of her horror that Major Aleksey Golovensky attacked Ukraine, in a video released by the Ukrainian military.

She said Golovensky was shot in the Mykolaiv region on March 5.

In a video message, a heartbroken Golovenskaya speaks of her “sorrow and shame” over her son’s actions.

She also apologizes to the Ukrainian people for her son and also that she “couldn’t raise a normal, dignified person”.

She revealed that she currently lives in the city of Kremenchug in the Poltava region of central Ukraine.

Her son is a pilot in a naval aviation regiment, which was deployed to the town of Saky, in occupied Russia in Crimea, she says in the video.

She said that “on March 5, 2022, following criminal orders from the Russian army command”, he flew to Mykolaiv in his SU-30SM fighter.

There “he was shot down by Ukrainian air defenses and captured,” Golovenskaya revealed.

“We learned this news from the media, watching a report about downed pilots,” she said.

Elena Golovenskaya has spoken of her ‘sorrow and horror’ that her son is bombing UkraineCredit: Twitter / ArmedForcesUkr
Major Aleksey Golovensky was pictured in a field after being shot
Major Aleksey Golovensky was pictured in a field after being shot

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