Raunak Mattress to set up its first manufacturing facility in Guwahati

A trusted legacy brand with quality, durability and innovation at its core, Raunak Mattress, one of India’s leading sleep solutions companies, has announced the establishment of the company’s first factory at Gauripur in Guwahati to create availability wider, faster customer service and greater customization and localization towards the taste and preferences of the North East market. The company manufactures and markets all types of mattresses, including rubberized coir, polyurethane foam and spring mattresses. It is one of the few brands that caters to all 4H sleep categories – Home, Hotel, Hospital and Hostels. It has a committed dealer network consisting of over 1500 dealer partners in 18 states mainly in the western, eastern and north eastern regions of India. To expand its retail presence in the NE region, the company has also opened its exclusive showrooms at Fancy Bazaar and Bharalumukh. The retail showroom format is called “Galleria” and “Zone” opened on a stand-alone basis to enhance the customer’s retail experience. The average size of the dedicated brand area in these outlets ranges from 200 to 800 square feet. The company aims to open 30 such outlets in northeast India and 100 such outlets nationwide over the next three years.

Mr. Raunak Agarwal, Executive Director of Raunak Mattress, said, “We are very happy to set up our large-scale factory in Guwahati. We are East India’s largest and most diverse mattress manufacturing organization and the only brand that has four of its five manufacturing plants strategically located in East India at Kolkata, Cuttack and now in Guwahati. We have been in the North East market since 2001 and in those 20 plus years Guwahati has been one of the main markets for the organization. The Northeast is a very emerging market. As sleep has increasingly become an aspect related to physical and mental health, the relevance of the mattress in the Indian customer’s hierarchy of importance has increased rapidly. Keeping with customers’ lifestyle choices and to meet the growing demand for an affordable yet quality sleep solution product, we decided to open our factory at the same time as starting the two showrooms exclusives here in Guwahati today.

Mr. Raunak Agarwal said, “Our combined four mattress manufacturing units have the capacity to produce up to 5 MT of rubberized coir per day and 3 MT of polyurethane foam per day, which is approximately 1500 mattresses per day. The Guwahati unit will have the capacity to manufacture up to 300 pieces per day, which could be further increased in the next 3-5 years. We have developed various technologies such as Spacertech, Vibrotech, Luxe-Latex, Self Cool Tech which have been breakthrough innovations for quality sleep. Mattresses are manufactured under strict quality standards as the company’s products are endorsed by BIS brands. We also export to neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal through our Indian agents.

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