Rexair expands production plant in Cadillac, Michigan

Rexair, a leading direct seller and manufacturer of high-end vacuum cleaning systems for residential customers, will relocate some production from China with the expansion of its Cadillac, Michigan plant. The $3.35 million project is expected to create nine new jobs.

Due to overseas supply chain issues, the company is bringing manufacturing of some products back to the United States, according to state officials. Rexair will install nine new injection molding machines. The company is focused on environmentally friendly manufacturing, and the new equipment will reduce its energy consumption by up to 60%.

“Rexair is pleased to work with MEDC and the City of Cadillac in our combined efforts to grow Michigan’s economy and employment opportunities,” said Jeff Nerem, Rexair’s Environmental Health and Safety Administrator. “It really is a team effort to invest in the future of all of us.”

The project is supported by a $48,000 performance-based grant from the Michigan Business Development Program. The City of Cadillac plans to support the company by helping it obtain permits or meet other requirements.

“I am thrilled to learn of Rexair’s continued commitment to reinvesting in its facilities in the city of Cadillac, Michigan, and it is truly wonderful to see the impact of the collaborative efforts between MEDC and the city translate by such a positive outcome,” Cadillac said. City Manager Marcus A. Peccia. “The creation of new positions, coupled with nearly $1.4 million of capital investment, will lead to greater local sustainability for the Rexair facility, additional employment opportunities, and is another excellent example of Cadillac’s viability as a location for economic development activities. A sincere thank you to Rexair and the MEDC for this investment in the city of Cadillac.

The company’s main product, the Rainbow vacuum cleaner, is sold in countries around the world through a network of third-party distributors. Rexair is headquartered in Troy and currently employs 228 people in Michigan.

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