Rivian R1T deliveries on track for September


Rivian R1T deliveries are on track for September, according to a letter CEO RJ Scaringe recently sent to pre-order holders.

September 2021 will be a momentous month for Rivian once R1T deliveries begin. Rivian CEO said the Normal team continues to build more and more vehicles every day. A recent video taken inside the Rivian plant at Normal showed all of the employees working hard to make R1T electric pickup trucks.

“It’s inspiring to see how the whole company comes together to get us started with deliveries, from the makeup of our production process to increasing our service network to managing our chain. supply. I am happy to report that we are on track to begin deliveries in September, ”Scaringe wrote in the letter.

He also provided a few other updates in his letter, most of which relate to the experience of owning an R1T pickup truck.

First, he explained that Rivian wasn’t just working to ramp up production at his Normal manufacturing facility over the past few months. The EV startup was also working to “dial in” its quality in five areas of the plant, including stamping, bodywork, painting, assembly and propulsion or battery and drive units. Rivian pre-order holders should therefore expect quality R1T vehicles upon delivery.

Next, Scaringe spoke a bit about Rivian’s charging network. The company aims to install more than 3,500 fast DC chargers at 600 sites in its Rivian Adventure network. In addition, automaker EV also plans to install at least 10,000 Level 2 AC chargers / connectors as part of its Rivian Waypoints network. Rivian hopes to accelerate the construction of its charging network by the end of 2021.

In time for R1T deliveries, a few Rivian service centers started operations in Brooklyn, NY; Bellevue, WA; Normal, IL; and San Francisco and El Segundo, California. Scaringe wrote that Rivian plans to open more than 100 service centers by 2023. For example, Rivian has already requested the opening of a 24/7 delivery and service / repair shop in the Orange County, California.

Based on Scaringe’s letter, the company also finalized the initial version of the Rivian app for iOS and Android. The Rivian app will be available for download early next month ahead of deliveries, hinting that R1T deliveries could begin by mid-September.

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Rivian R1T deliveries on track for September

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