Sonos accidentally sent a customer $15,000 worth of audio equipment and charged him for it

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of waiting for a fun package to arrive. If it’s a surprise, there’s the anticipation of the unknown, and when it’s a sneaky little gift, there’s the benefit of knowing the buyer had excellent taste. The sweet anticipation of waiting outside the window for the mail van to pull up, then the exhilarating moment when the package you’ve been waiting for is finally brought to your door.

Perhaps one of the few things you need to do to get a long-awaited package is of course to receive not one, but several. Although it can be a hassle when you weren’t expecting them. When five boxes suddenly turn into 30, dreams become nightmares, as one person found out when Sonos decided to send them 6 times their initial order, or about $15,000 worth of product, and charge them.

The edge (opens in a new tab) reported an issue affecting the Sonos Online Store. Many customers found that their orders were placed multiple times due to an issue with Sonos’ systems. This ended up not only sending buyers far more than they ordered, but also charging them for the orders. It is not surprising that people have started to Reddit (opens in a new tab)to try to make sense of what was going on, finding others with similar stories.

A customer who was particularly affected by this issue told The Verge about his ordeal since being sent and charged 6 times over for his already expensive Sonos order. Although Sonos has pledged to reimburse customers for these glitched purchases, it won’t until the items are returned. That leaves a lot out until this situation can be resolved, which also turns out to be a bit of a headache.

Sonos is also rightfully ready to provide free returns and schedule pickup when it’s convenient. However, it has always been a battle. The customer who spoke to The Verge said he was first asked to bring his load of additional items to a UPS facility. When they refused a courier was sent instead but was unaware of the huge pick up and left with one package. Due to the large number of packages this client has received, he can’t even fit them all in his apartment anymore, which causes further problems.

It seems that this issue in Sonos’ system has caused a lot of conflict for some customers, and the company is struggling to resolve these issues in a timely manner for those affected. We hope to see better resolutions soon and hopefully compensation for these customers. It’s definitely a buyer beware story when shopping in the Sonos store.

Of course, Sonos is a premium home entertainment solution rather than a sound offering for PC gamers. If you’re looking for great sound for your PC, check out some of our favorites here (opens in a new tab).

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