Stay at an ’80s-inspired motel by Pabst Blue Ribbon in Traverse City

Pabst Blue Ribbon wants to take Traverse City vacationers back to simpler times. Capitalizing on the brand’s new “Pabst is the Place” platform, it offers new PBR-themed hotel rooms.

According to Crain’s Detroit, the nostalgic roadside Grand Traverse Motel on East Front Street was chosen as the site to house themed rooms. The three themed rooms replicate a dive bar, arcade, and game room. The room, available for a limited time, is decked out in 80s decor and appliances allowing guests to fully experience being “back in the day”.

The whole concept was the brainchild of PBR’s new creative agency, DNA. Becky Nissel, associate creative director at DNA, said a motel in the Midwest was the perfect place to bring the PBR world to life.

“We kept thinking, ‘What if Pabst was an actual physical place you could visit?’ And so it naturally became a motel,” Nissel said. “They’re value-driven, they’re really comfortable, and they’re the fabric of that classic American nostalgia.”

Thematic rooms

These themed rooms have left out no detail. According to the website, each room truly steps back in time.

The arcade room:

“Inspired by the classic game rooms of your youth, this room is for the kid at heart who’s old enough to drink legally. With working games and a king-size bed that doubles as a pop-up machine. a-shot, this room will fulfill your childhood dream of having a slumber party at the arcade.”

Photo: Facebook Motel Grand Traverse

Photo: Facebook Motel Grand Traverse

The dive bar room:

“Step into this room is like stepping into your local watering hole. You know this one – with the kitschy decor, a jukebox and your favorite no-frills beer. Like having all the nostalgia for a hole in the classic bar wall, but with a king-size bed. And cleaner bathrooms.”

Photo: Facebook Motel Grand Traverse

Photo: Facebook Motel Grand Traverse

The game room :

“If you’re ready to get cozy with wood paneling and shag rugs, the game room is your destination. Complete with board games, foosball and a queen-size bed masquerading as a sofa -bed, this piece will transport you back to your grandma’s basement.

Photo: Facebook Motel Grand Traverse

Photo: Facebook Motel Grand Traverse

Rooms opened for booking on August 1 and are going fast. Interested in a stay? Click here.

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