Supercars & Caviar, the Stretch Gallery’s Web3 Car Meet at Art Basel Miami, allows participants’ cars to be 3D scanned

PHILADELPHIA CREAM and MIAMI, November 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Stretch Gallery and Voxbox will present Supercars & Caviar during Art Basel Miami Beach on December 3.

Supercars & Caviar will take place at the Stretch Gallery and will begin 9:30 p.m.. Celebrating an acceleration into the Digital Renaissance with food, drink, live music and a Web3 panel featuring special guests: Two-time Grammy-winning music producer !llmind, Head of Jake Steinerman from Community to Spatial, Head of Daniel Moomey partnerships at Filebase, Dave Silver co-founder of RecPhilly, Stackie Robinson (Selena Scott) CEO of Stockanians inc., and Al Ware CEO of VoxBox.

If you are a car enthusiast, Supercars & Caviar is the event for you. Entrants will have the opportunity to get a 3D scan of their classic, antique, track, muscle, drift, exotic, or supercar, and owners will receive a 1-on-1 digital render that can be viewed in the Stretch Gallery Metaverse Garage at the start.

“Whether you’re new to the world of luxury vehicles or a seasoned collector, the Metaverse Garage offers a new format for enjoying supercars. We view these vehicles as works of art and marvels of engineering. We’ve combined meeting traditional automobile with Web3, and Art Basel the public will be thrilled when they see all the cars present at the event. » declares Peter GrovermanFounder of Stretch Gallery.

Web3 and Blockchain technologies are still in their infancy and the mass market is still learning about the industry. Stretch Gallery and Voxbox raise awareness of these emerging technologies and ensure that people clearly understand how these digital tools benefit both creators and collectors. By providing accurate information and fostering open dialogue, Stretch Gallery and VoxBox are creating a bright future for Web3 and Blockchain.

“With the Digital Renaissance upon us, it’s time to educate and build the future of the metaverse. The world is shifting from an analog experience of the internet to a new, immersive experience – so everyone who attends at this event will have their own personalized environment where they can host events or sell physical items with friends online,” says Al Ware, CEO of VoxBox.

Supercars & Caviar offers a glimpse of this new technological frontier. This new world allows for a new type of ownership for non-reproducible assets. “Community and utility are the foundation of Web3. Fine art is just the tip of the iceberg. We create highly curated luxury experiences powered by blockchain – delivering immediate value to customers, as well as additional benefits over time,” says Alex KuhnDirector of Stretch Gallery.

To learn more about the Supercars & Caviarvisit the Eventbrite link.

About the Stretch Gallery: When it comes to the art world, there is a big difference between preserving culture and building culture. Stretch Gallery aims to do both. By generating a symbiosis between the physical and digital worlds to empower artists and connect them to collectors. Stretch Gallery is located in Wynwood Miami, with a gallery of digital mirrors in the spatial metaverse. This meta-gallery hosts intra-artist reviews, exclusive screenings, guided tours and interactive experiences. The physical gallery will host exhibitions, parties, VIP events and workshops. To view the virtual gallery and learn more about Stretch Gallery, visit:

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VoxBox is a Web3 Metaverse development company. We consult and build for other brands wishing to enter the Metaverse. Our mission is to help usher in the next era of the Internet by developing the infrastructure and applications needed to make virtual worlds widespread. With over a decade of web development experience, VoxBox is well positioned to be a leader in this new frontier.

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