Textured Chickpea Protein That Is Not Highly Processed Offers Industry First for Plant-Based Meat, Company Says: SupplySide West 2021 Sneak Peek



Israeli chickpea protein supplier InnovoPro will launch what it says is the first-ever textured vegetable chickpea protein (TVP) at SupplySide West in October. Made from a combination of chickpea and pea protein, the ingredient “enables food manufacturers to develop much better meat-like products, such as burgers, nuggets and meatballs.” , explains the company.

The new extruded chickpea TVP is based on chickpea protein concentrate. It is GMO-free, gluten-free, soy-free and non-allergenic. The company claims it offers better taste and texture than “traditional, highly processed plant-based alternatives”, allowing companies to create own-brand products using fewer, healthier ingredients while still maintaining good taste. taste and good texture.

In a press release, the company said, “InnovoPro’s Textured Chickpea Protein was created to bridge this gap and create products focused on nutritious, non-allergenic ingredients that have an unparalleled neutral taste and similar fibrous texture. to real meat.

In the press release, Company CEO Taly Nechushtan said, “InnovoPro’s TVP launch is a breakthrough innovation for the rapidly growing meat analogs market, as it enables companies to create consumer favorite foods with a clean label that tastes great. , a nutritious superfood ingredient that is high in protein and has a desirable combination of amino acids. This product is also sustainable and better for the environment than previous meat substitutes, which is why we are proud and excited to share this exciting new adventure with our consumers. “

InnovoPro already has experience in the field of meat analogues. The company’s existing chickpea protein, CP Pro 70, is featured in what InnovoPro says is the “world’s first line of dairy-free chickpea yogurt” from Swiss retail company Migros.


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