The All-New Nissan Almera: It’s Not The Almera You Know, It’s The Believer – Insights


One of the reasons Nissan is popular is that they introduce solid products in most segments and set an example that other manufacturers find it difficult to follow. Concrete example: the all-new Nissan Almera!

After nine years of third-generation Nissan Almera, Nissan has finally given us a long-lasting successor to the vehicle. Some ask why it took them so long to do it? Well, good things take time – and judging by the all new Almera, that time has definitely been put to good use.

Nissan has really hit town with the all new Almera. Not only did they release a product that was vastly different from its predecessor, but they also made a car that far exceeded expectations.

Goodbye budget shopping, hello premium sedan ready for the 21st century. People won’t buy the Almera anymore because it was the economy option, but they will buy it now because it is the premium, well-equipped, fuel-efficient option.

It pretty much starts with the inner experience, something which is far from what we used to see in an Almera. This is where you’ll first get a glimpse of the great work Nissan is doing right now.

Interior of the all-new Nissan Almera Turbo

There isn’t a single inexpensive material in sight or touch, with much of the dashboard wrapped in a soft-touch material. This type of trim is still something we don’t commonly see in this market segment or even in higher segments, so it’s fantastic to see that the new Almera comes with this stylistic choice of interior and materials.

The instrument cluster features a vibrantly colored display in the center and traditional analog speedometers flanking it. The screen can be swapped to show different types of information or left as a speedometer and security system monitor as the New Almera has plenty of them (we’ll get to that later).

All-new Nissan Almera Turbo speedometer cluster

The seven-inch touchscreen mounted in the center of the dashboard also projects it into the future, a huge contrast to the previous Almera’s entertainment systems. As expected, Bluetooth connectivity is available and Apple Car Play comes standard.

While some things that deserved to be left behind were left behind, some basic things were taken from the previous car – why fix something that isn’t broken, right?

Interior space of the all-new Nissan Almera Turbo

One of the main strengths of all Almera is its ability to provide more interior space than expected, and this is no different in the all-new Almera. The headroom and legroom of the new Almera is expected to be fantastic, allowing even a tall person to sit behind an equally tall driver. It can really accommodate four adults adequately without getting in the way – even five passengers can be comfortable enough for long journeys.

But it’s not just rear passengers, as front occupants can experience Nissan’s zero gravity-inspired sport seats, which deliver a “fatigue-free” experience on long journeys.

Speaking of long journeys, the trunk space of the Almera can easily accommodate enough cargo for those long vacations. With 428 liters of space, the new Nissan Almera will easily accommodate all the luggage, toys and auxiliary equipment for a great family trip.

The all-new Nissan Almera Turbo NVH

And then there’s NVH, something that’s been vastly improved, virtually transforming Almera’s experience. The all-new Almera’s sophistication is just above what you’d expect from a B-segment sedan. It’s quiet, polished, and really gives you the illusion that you’re into something more expensive. Not something you would normally attribute to an Almera.

New grille Nissan Almera Turbo

The look of the all-new Almera is also something to celebrate. The styling of the new Almera is quite a radical change from its predecessor. It now has a very prominent and fiery front end and flowing lines all over the body, resulting in a car with a sleek and sporty look. Even the skinny tires have been fixed, as the all new Almera can be fitted with 205/55 R16 tires.

When Nissan’s official distributor in Malaysia, Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd, introduced the all-new Almera, the media and the public were amazed at the amount of standard safety equipment provided.

Safety of the all-new Nissan Almera Turbo

Nissan’s intelligent mobility system is standard across the range, equipping the car with forward collision warning with front intelligent emergency braking. As you move up the range, the car receives even more safety features such as the intelligent panoramic view monitor with moving object detection, blind spot warning system and alert. rear cross traffic.

Just like we mentioned above, Nissan really went to town with the fourth generation Almera, and the mechanical department took advantage of that mission to give people a fantastic product.

Almera’s third-generation naturally aspirated engine is long gone as Nissan debuts a new age engine in the form of the turbocharged 1.0-liter HR10DET three-cylinder petrol engine paired with a new generation X-TRONIC CVT with D-Step logic. .

All-new Nissan Almera Turbo engine technology

This makes the all-new Almera the only turbocharged model in its class, and despite its small displacement, it delivers just the right amount of growl for every occasion. The output amounts to 100 PS and 152 Nm of torque, but the real-world driving experience suggests more.

The engine also borrows a lot of technology from Nissan’s legendary GT-R, which sees it adopting Mirror Bore Coating technology from high-performance cars. This coating produces an extremely thin 0.2mm mirror bore coated cylinder liner that provides better heat conduction, improved cooling performance and less engine knock. With the benefits gained, it helps to increase both fuel efficiency and engine power.

Fuel efficiency of the all-new Nissan Almera Turbo

Nissan claims the all-new Almera can travel 5.4 l / 100 km (or 18.4 km / l) and up to 650 km on a full tank. After driving through and past the heights of our own B-segment sedan shootout, we know this is indeed a fuel-efficient car.

Speaking of performance and fuel economy, the Almera’s new X-TRONIC CVT not only helps sip fuel, but it also delivers a good ride. This new transmission offers constant CVT-type acceleration but with the shifting feel of a conventional automatic transmission. Not only does it not look like a CVT, but it is also quiet and refined, which adds to the refined Almera experience.

Orange color of all-new Nissan Almera Turbo

Overall, the all-new Almera is an accomplished vehicle that has just about everything you need to be a great daily driver as well as a balik kampung hero on the weekends. It offers comfort, style, refinement, fuel economy, torque and plenty of interior space. So it is definitely worth going to see it and test it for yourself.

Before we forget, Nissan is currently offering an attractive promotion at an interest rate of 1.88% as well as a free Urban Accessory Bundle worth up to RM5,500. The Urban package adds a two-channel video recorder, door handle protectors, door visors, a gloss black trunk lid spoiler, trunk tray, front and rear skid plates and a tint of glass all around the car. Not the time like today to buy the all-new Nissan Almera.

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