The best electric lawn mowers for all types of use

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Electric lawn mowers have dramatically increased in use over the past five years. Once considered clumsy and inept, brands have advanced electric clipper technology to ensure simplicity and efficiency.

Just like e-bikes, electric lawn mowers are constantly leveling themselves every year. The best electric lawn mowers these days have just as much power as old-school gas-powered models, and you won’t have to pay those sky-high gas prices to power it. You can also argue that electric is safer for home storage, as gas-powered mowers are prone to oil and gas leaks, not to mention that having canisters full of gas doesn’t is also not the most ideal situation.

In general, electric lawn mowers are relatively quieter and require less physical maintenance. Oil changes, cleaning up oil leaks and adding off-season fuel preservatives are a thing of the past with electric mowers. All you have to do is recharge their battery after every mowing and replace a spark plug once in a while.

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The obvious counterpoint to an electric mower is battery life. Most electric mowers run on lithium batteries and their lifespan usually lasts a few hours on a charge. However, most mowers come with two batteries and high-quality charging stations, so if you’re on top of your charge, you’ll never have to deal with a power outage in the middle of your mowing. It’s also worth noting that we’re not going to see a shutdown of electric mowers, companies are finding ways to put batteries in other lawn care equipment like leaf blowers, weed eaters and even lawn mowers. bigger grass like zero-turns. So expect the batteries to improve over time.

Corded mowers require a nearby power source, but the upside of using a corded electric lawn mower as opposed to cordless mowers is the price. Corded mowers are less expensive and you get consistent power, making them ideal for smaller yards.

What you’ll find in our guide to electric lawn mowers is that there’s something for every type of home DIYer. Check out our picks below, then start planning how you want to retire your rusty old gas mower.

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Best overall

40V brushless 20″ cordless

  • Less than $300
  • Has LED lights for 24 hour use
  • Cuts wet grass well

Overall, RYOBI electric lawn care products offer some of the best battery runtimes you’ll find. The 40V reverse is our top pick because of what you get for the price. We’re talking gas-like power, solid battery life, bright LED lights for around-the-clock use, and a razor-sharp blade that can slice through wet grass when needed.

  • Platform: 20″
  • Height: 39″
  • Lester: 56 pounds
  • tension: 40

More powerful

Power supply+ 56V 21″ wireless

  • Powerful 56 volt battery
  • Spacious grass catcher bag

It is true that electric mowers are still catching up with the constant power of gasoline mowers. The EGO Power+ is charged with a powerful 56-volt battery that packs 60 minutes of runtime per charge. Another feature we love is the grass collection bag, as it can hold up to 2 bushels full of grass clippings without clumping when opened. This trimmer is a bit more expensive, but the extra juice is worth it.

  • Platform: 21″
  • Height: 46.46″
  • Lester: 62.6 pounds
  • tension: 56

Best high-end mower

M18 FUEL Cordless

  • Comes with two premium batteries
  • Handles fold down for easy storage

The M18 is so well designed that it can practically be used for commercial lawn care. You get two massive batteries with a dual charging station, so you always have a fresh juice pack on standby. It’s also packed with features like front and rear LED lights, a 3-in-1 grass management system, and fold-down handles for compact, upright storage. It’s a top dog here.

  • Platform: 21″
  • Height: 42″
  • Lester: 80.6
  • tension: 36

Best Compact Mower

40V MAX cordless

  • Weighs less than 40 lbs.
  • Easy to maneuver around curves and hills

A wonderfully lightweight cordless mower (38 lbs.), this Black+Decker model is ideal for those who have to deal with tight spaces and rough terrain. Pairing a 40V battery with a 16-inch mowing deck and 9.5-gallon bag means you’ll gnaw through grass patches with ease. The best feature is that the handles fold up for neat and compact storage.

  • Platform: 16″
  • Height: 16″
  • Lester: 38 pounds
  • tension: 40

Best corded mower

20″ corded electric lawn mower

  • Constant power supply
  • Easy to use cord runner
  • Not suitable for large construction sites

Corded electric lawn mowers are great choices for smaller gardens. This is because you don’t have to go to great lengths to get an extension cord to work. And with corded, you don’t have to worry about a battery losing its juice in the process of mowing, so you get a clean, consistent cut all the time. We love this Craftsman’s neatly manicured cord path and the fact that it has a three-setting deck so you can mulch, bag, or open the side to lay out toppings.

  • Platform: 20″
  • Height: 15.06″
  • Lester: 20.8 pounds
  • tension: Wired

The best value for money

24V iON+ wireless

  • Less than $250
  • Has six different cutting lengths

Sun Joe offers some of the most user-friendly electric mowers on the market. This cordless model comes with two batteries, a dual charging station, and an 11-gallon grass collection bag. It also features a cool manual lever to adjust to six different cutting lengths.

  • Platform: 17″
  • Height: 42.9″
  • Lester: 33.8 pounds
  • tension: 24

Greenworks offers several quality electric lawn mowers. Their best model is the 40V battery, 20 inch wide cutting deck. It has two nifty mowing blades and an auto-switch battery port, which switches to the next battery once the first one runs out. Greenworks is a bit pricey. but they often come up for sale and are a great investment.

  • Platform: 20″
  • Height: 19.5″
  • Lester: 42.5 pounds
  • tension: 40

Makita electric mowers are renowned for their durability. This one has a durable steel deck and a 16 gallon grass collection bag. On the handle is a quiet mode button that lowers the RPMs to a constant 2500 that emits a low noise. Oh, and you get four batteries!

  • Platform: 18″
  • Height: 19″
  • Lester: 79.8 pounds
  • tension: 36

WORX offers a number of wallet-friendly electric lawn mowers. This is a no-frills option with two batteries, a dual charger and a grass catcher. Features like a battery charge indicator let you know when it’s time to change, and a bag full indicator lets you know when it’s time to empty the toppings.

  • Platform: 14″
  • Height: 39″
  • Lester: 29.1 pounds
  • tension: 40

All of the electric mowers selected above had to have at least 400 user ratings of four stars or more. The quality of the mower’s materials, as well as the mower’s batteries, were a top priority to consider. Consistency was also a major consideration, as an electric mower should be run on a weekly basis. Finally, we have made sure to select a wide range of clippers in different shapes, sizes and prices to cover all types of potential use.

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