The crazy collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Virgil Abloh

Automakers have used a variety of techniques to develop and build automobiles, the systems that power them, and how cars are sold for more than a century.

At first, trial and error was the order of the day, and designers and engineers had to rely on their instincts and intuition to determine what would work and what customers would buy. The highly efficient machines we drive today were born out of this process, along with other bizarre inventions.

Mercedes has come up with a lot of these bizarre inventions. The first product of the partnership between the late Virgil Abloh, founder of Off-White and creative director of Louis Vuitton, and Mercedes-Benz is the Geländewagen Project.

The G-Class served as the basis for the concept design project which was overseen by Mercedes-Benz Design Director Gorden Wagener and Abloh.

This common passion brings together the fields of fashion, art and automobiles. This creates a great luxury design that predicts future dreams.

Wagener and Abloh’s work embodies Mercedes-Benz’ natural understanding of the extraordinary, a bold vision of the future of luxury design and the power to dream. All of this is done using craftsmanship and craftsmanship unique to Mercedes-Benz’s tradition as the world’s leading automaker.

In the newly built Studio Odeonsplatz in Munich, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the Geländewagen project. Visitors and passers-by had the unique opportunity to witness the G-Class in person and learn all about the partnership and design process within the confines of the exhibit.

Let’s dive into everything you need to know about the Geländewagen project

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The famous Mercedes-Benz G-Class inspired the Geländewagen project

Since its introduction in 1979, the Geländewagen has crossed every mountain and river while carrying a variety of people, including soldiers, rangers, firefighters and even the Pope. With changing times, it has become the 4×4 of choice for the rich and famous.

The Mercedes G-Class stands out as beautifully original and endearing in a world of imitation among SUVs and crossovers. It’s not cheap, but Mercedes has meticulously overseen the growth of this classic off-roader, maintaining fidelity to its original appearance while updating the running gear and improving the interior.

A pair of huge infotainment screens help make the luxurious cabin one of the G-Wagen’s main features. Although it is now much more pleasant to drive on the road, it retains its remarkable off-road qualities.

The G 63 is the most exciting vehicle due to its V8 engine. The G 350d is for those who aren’t ready to spend a lot of money but still want good quality. If you choose this German icon, exclusivity is a given.

Few vehicles can achieve legendary status. Mini, Beetle, Defender and Mustang are four examples, but the Mercedes G-Class (formerly G-Wagen) can take its place at the pinnacle of automotive legends. The 2018 version set new standards for quality and rideability.

Has a clean white exterior that creates a sense of timeless simplicity

Wagener and Abloh were motivated to create the G-Class after owning and experiencing it firsthand and finding opportunities to maximize its Mercedes-AMG attitude.

They discussed how to allow the public to see Mercedes-Benz designs in a new light while moving luxury away from a polished, unblemished appearance and towards something raw, authentic and more honest.

Keeping the exterior as pristine as possible brings out the unique silhouette of the G-Class. This highlights its monolithic nature. How Mercedes did it is clear in the final design. It also embraces the craftsmanship flaws that give it character.

To achieve a look of classic simplicity, the paint has been partially sanded by hand. With craftsmanship taking center stage, welds are recognized as important design features.

Mercedes removed all indicators, side mirrors and bumper bar from the Geländewagen project. Mercedes also raised and lowered the body of the car for a sportier appearance. However, the special personality of the G remains intact. An exaggeration of the tires and spare wheel exudes the unmistakable character of the G.

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The interior of the Geländewagen project embodies that of a racing car

Reduction dominates inside the artwork Mercedes-Benz Project Geländewagen, which avoids all SUV clichés and is clearly inspired by racing. The security frame appears as the main room when all interiors have been stripped.

The dashboard is removed and replaced with a simple, clean design that includes analog speedometers and fuel gauges, like those found on older cars. The seats and steering wheel, on the other hand, are comparable to those of a Formula 1 car.

Sky blue and brilliant red tones highlight safety measures and crucial racing aspects such as the safety frame and 5-point seat belts. These bold accent colors create a new color group and contrast with the plain interior.

The project aims to empower the next generation and lay the foundations for their success. The Geländewagen project is unquestionably exceptional and distinctive.

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