The growth of digital services as a catalyst for the promotion of financial services for people with disabilities – BoG



Elsie Addo Awadzi is the second Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana

Bank of Ghana (BoG) Second Deputy Governor Elsie Addo Awadzi said the exponential growth of digital financial services in Ghana is a real catalyst to promote access to financial services for people with disabilities (PwD) being given its potential to overcome many of the physical barriers people with disabilities face in accessing traditional financial services.

She said the BoG continues to make progress in providing an enabling policy and regulatory framework that enables banks, other financial institutions and fintechs to design and deliver innovative digital financial services and products that meet the unique needs of segments. underserved like PWDAs.

“The Bank of Ghana will continue to provide an enabling environment that supports a stable, resilient and inclusive financial system, where the needs and interests of all consumers are met. “

“To further demonstrate our commitment to promote access to finance for all segments of our society, the Bank of Ghana is developing a guideline to promote access to finance for PWDAs,” he said. she adds.

She was speaking at the launch of the German Development Corporation (GIZ) Disability Financial Inclusion Project in Ghana.

The project responds to a global imperative to address the lack of access to essential financial services for many people with disabilities, as part of efforts to ensure more equitable and sustainable socio-economic development paradigms.

As part of the project, GIZ therefore seeks to increase the accessibility of digital and analogue financial services for people with disabilities; strengthen the capacity of banks and other financial institutions to provide more financial services to people with disabilities; and provide an advocacy and advisory platform to promote access to finance for people with disabilities.


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