The Herbalist: Caliva is one of California’s largest indoor cultivation and manufacturing facilities

One of the most impressive things about Caliva is her steady and sustained growth. This includes his growth in cannabis and his growth as a business.

Caliva has grown over the past few years to be a strong, passionate and reliable team of over 600 employees in California. Not only that, but most of those 600 employees are responsible for the production and cultivation of Caliva’s thousands of cannabis products.

In fact, the company has grown into one of California’s largest indoor growing and manufacturing facilities. It pumps around 11,000 pounds of cannabis each year, along with thousands of other high-end cannabis products.

A few top-selling brands that operate under Caliva include:

  • Monogram
  • Can
  • Kiva
  • Dad and Barkley
  • heavy hitters
  • fun uncle
  • jeeter

Finally, Caliva is extremely proud of its seed-to-sale supply chain. Because it is a vertically integrated company, Caliva monitors and controls the entire process, from cultivation and production to sale in retail stores.

If you’re looking for herbal solutions, healthier alternatives to pharmaceuticals, or just want to enjoy the recreational status of weed; you can shop your favorite new products at Caliva’s 200 outlets across California.

For more information about Caliva, visit its website at

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