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Life is versatile, full of surprises, unexpected twists and turns. Certainly it is full of things we learn whether we consider them wrong or not. Friendship as long and solid as it comes with age has many challenges, and one of them is to borrow money from a friend or to borrow from a friend. The fact is that the amount of money influences interpersonal relationships where some are poor, the other rich, and thus open up opportunities and greater choices in life. Have you ever found yourself lending money to a friend, time goes by and your money is not coming back. An unenviable situation that puts you in front of a wall. You are often forced to choose between friendship and money. It’s uncomfortable to ask for your money because of close and friendly relationships, on the other hand, unreturned money remains a never ending story that creates a gap and disrupts good relationships up to then.


It’s the same with borrowing money from family


Money itself is a difficult topic to talk about and you need to be aware that you may never get that money back. From all these statements we can conclude that borrowing money from friends and family is not the happiest solution. Whether it’s worth something as sacred as a friendship to lose or break for money, we’re sure you don’t. Money is a banal affair in relation to friendship, which should not be measured by any material goods.


When we become aware of this, it is time to turn to alternative solutions

When we become aware of this, it is time to turn to alternative solutions

You can venture out and take credit with us to maintain the right relationships with your friends and family. The point is to take responsibility for our actions and make decisions as adults and adults. Borrowing money at a bank brings you the right relationship that does not put you in a position to choose between friendship, family and the like. Friendship is something that needs to be nurtured, strengthened and built. It comes back to us many times because we know that a friendless man is a man himself. So contact us at Carol Kennicott with full confidence where we will create a relationship that will not burden you and resolve the situation to your and our mutual satisfaction.

Money is generally one of the most common causes of tension between family and friends and society. Whatever your financial situation, you have become friends or family for a reason, so focus on what you have in common and leave the rest to us.

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