The medical winner will present his innovations in wound care and infection prevention at MEDICA 2021



“Our unwavering commitment to improving patient and healthcare professional safety has made Winner Medical an expert in wound management and infection control in the operating room. We have harnessed cutting-edge technologies to create a wide range of breakthrough wound care and surgical solutions, ”said Jianquan Li, CEO of Winner Medical.

“With quality and social responsibility at the top of our company philosophy, we constantly drive innovation and constantly explore next generation wound healing and infection prevention products with environmentally friendly and sustainable raw materials in order to to minimize the impact on the climate and the environment, ”he said. added.

At MEDICA 2021, Winner Medical will showcase its latest advanced wound care portfolio based on its five core technologies – silicone, foaming, antimicrobial, biotechnology and gelling fiber – designed to prevent skin breakdown, manage various complex wounds and promote l whole cycle of the wound healing process. With certifications from from China NMPA, Conformitè Europëenne (CE) of the EU as well as the approvals of from Japan United States Department of Health, Labor and Welfare and the Food and Drug Administration, Winner Medical’s products have been widely used by healthcare professionals in over 110 countries as primary solutions to treat acute and chronic wounds caused by diabetes, immobility, venous disease, as well as trauma, burns, invasive surgery and other causes.

Winner Medical’s key infection prevention product line that will debut at the event includes medical garments made from 100% cotton lace, a biodegradable and comfortable material that is effective against soaking and bacterial penetration. Lightweight and breathable, it offers maximum protection for moderate duration surgeries with a moderate level of body fluids and risk of infection. Meanwhile, Winner Medical’s PURCOTTON Surgical Gown features a reinforced design that provides additional protection to the wearer for high-flow procedures with reinforced panels on the chest and sleeves.

About Winner Medical

Winner Medical Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300888), founded in 1991 and based in Shenzhen, china, is a large-scale healthcare company that carries out the coordinated development of the medical and general public sectors through its three major brands: “Winner“,”Purcotton” and “PureH2BThe company is committed to providing better life choices to users and consumers and to creating value for better lives.

With 30 years of experience in the production of medical supplies, Winner is a leading brand of medical consumables in the Chinese market as well as a brand with a global vision. Purcotton, as a brand of essentials, has inherited the company’s 30 years of experience in manufacturing medical supplies. Using pure cotton as a raw material, the brand aims to create a series of premium cotton essentials that are healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly. PureH2B is created as a living platform to provide consumers with selected high quality, healthy and beautiful products from all over the world.

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