The PC version of Monster Hunter Rise offers a multitude of customizations

Rise of the Monster Hunter was arguably one of the most successful titles of 2021. It became Capcom’s best-selling single-platform title to date. the Rise of the Monster Hunter The PC port has the potential to maintain the title’s success and strength among a new playerbase. With the title surprisingly well optimized for mid to low-end machines, those who have been waiting for it will be more than happy with what it has.

Editor’s note: all Rise of the Monster Hunter the screenshots below were taken while playing on a high-end PC platform.

Honestly, what surprised me the most about the PC version of Rise of the Monster Hunter is the amount of customization available to players’ graphics settings. Similar to the PC version of Monster Hunter: World, gamers can best match it to their PC or laptop. There are, of course, standard settings that you can use to quickly set yourself up and get started on the hunt right away. However, those who want to make sure the game can run optimally on low-end machines can access the advanced graphics settings to tweak things if necessary. I found this essential for enjoying the game on my laptop, which definitely showed signs of slowing down.

Monster Hunter Rise PC

Configuration of certain authorized parameters for Rise of the Monster Hunter to work properly on the machine. That’s great too Rise of the Monster Hunter actually displays the amount of graphics memory used. It was really nice to be able to adapt my experience through these systems knowing that I will be able to play with friends, despite my old platform. However, there were some slowdown and lag issues when fighting mobs in the lava recesses of the Lava Caverns. So, while it’s not a perfect fix, the game is still playable and these issues don’t affect performance.

On the other hand, my new PC rig was able to handle everything spectacularly. I didn’t experience any type of lag or screen tearing when many effects appeared on screen. It was also nice to see all the things that I could now adjust to my liking. These included dynamic shadows or even gear shadows which made the experience more immersive than on the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, the 4K textures illustrate the amount of detail actually put into the monster and armor models. Kamura Village also looks absolutely amazing. Although the zones do not have the same level of detail as Monster Hunter: World, they still manage to look organic and exciting.

Monster Hunter Rise PC

The filters available in the PC version of the game also give the visuals a certain type of texture that really showcases just how gorgeous it can be. Several options are available. The Black and White Cinema filter not only adds grain and other visual effects, but it goes so far as to alter the sound quality of the game. The Warring Lands style filter had to be my favorite option. He created a very distinct visual look by sucking out most of the cooler colors and replacing them with muted grays, which enhanced the red and brown color palettes. There’s not really a contest between the version of the game that offers a greater sense of accessibility when it comes to its graphical options and what feels more visually stimulating.

Rise of the Monster Hunter for PC is more than worth it for those who were hesitant to buy it for the Nintendo Switch. It features several amazing visual updates that really let the environments and monsters shine. And it’s great that there are opportunities for players with less than stellar rigs to gear up and join their friends in one of the most robust Monster Hunter titles to date.

Computer specifications


  • Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5-9500 processor
  • RAM: 8.00
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050


  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12 Core 3.70GHz Processor
  • Installed RAM 32.0 GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080

Rise of the Monster Hunter is available for the Nintendo Switch and computer.

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