Ting Launches New Esports Labs at CHS and MHS

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) — When you hear the word “ting,” you might think of Ting Internet or the Ting Pavilion, but what about esports?

Ting is currently building two new esports labs – one at Charlottesville High School and the other at Monticello High School.

“These labs will be available to all of the thousands of students who attend these high schools for years to come,” said Kara Chandeysson of Ting Charlottesville. “One of the classrooms will be transformed with amazing equipment, game gear and even broadcast gear.”

Monticello High School’s current esports team is currently 14-0. Although it is a pilot program, Albemarle County Public Schools spokesperson Phil Giaramita said it has a bright future.

“I think the Virginia High School League will continue to evaluate how this pilot works and decide in about a year from now if this will be part of their menu,” Giaramita said.

It’s not just about games and competition. It is a question of opportunity.

“Definitely developing a tech skill, but being able to think athletically, make quick decisions, work in a team, work under pressure, all those kinds of skills that make for a very successful competitor in esports as well a student success,” Giaramita said.

“If we somehow allow students and children who may not have access to certain tools, gaming devices, research and learning opportunities about careers and grants , we want to make sure they have that opportunity and if we can help anyway, we’ll try to do so,” Chandeysson said.

City and county schools say these construction projects are still in the early stages, but Ting hopes these new facilities will be completed by the end of the school year.

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