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Visa (NYSE: V), a leading global payment technology company, today announced the launch of Visa Eco Benefits, a new set of sustainability-focused benefits for account issuers designed to enable and encourage their cardholders to adopt sustainable consumption behaviors. The Visa Eco Benefits package will first be available in Europe and then rolled out worldwide over the next year for Visa customers. With this new offering, Visa continues to play a leading role in promoting sustainable commerce and climate action in the payments industry, supporting its clients’ goals to meet growing cardholder demand to enable sustainable consumption and lifestyle.

The Visa Eco Benefits package will allow Visa issuers to add sustainability-focused benefits to existing Visa cardholder credit / debit products, enabling cardholders to understand the impact of their spending on the environment, as well as encouraging sustainable consumption and behavior. Features available at launch or over time should include:

  • Carbon footprint calculator: information offered by ecolytiq to cardholders on the estimated carbon footprint of their spending, including a new temperature score, which helps cardholders understand the climate impact of their personal consumption behavior and how their choices of consumption contribute to the 1.5 ° C target of the Paris Agreement on climate change
  • Carbon offsets: capacity of carriers to offset their impact on greenhouse gas emissions
  • Personalized education for clients on how to encourage more sustainable consumption
  • Durable card materials, including collaboration with CPI Card Group and digital receipts
  • Donations to environmental organizations when Visa cards are used, including One Tree Planted, a global non-profit reforestation organization
  • Extended rewards for cardholders for sustainable behavior

“At Visa, we recognize the urgency of climate change and are committed to a new era of sustainable and inclusive economic growth,” said Charlotte Hogg, executive vice president and general manager, Europe, Visa. “As the engine of global commerce, we have the opportunity to work with customers and partners around the world to help embed sustainability into the payments ecosystem and support cardholder and business choices throughout. of the transition. ”

According to a recent + GlobeScan + study of 31,000 people in 31 markets, consumers continue to have high ambitions for a sustainable lifestyle. According to research from Visa cardholders, these high aspirations for a sustainable lifestyle are reflected in banking and payments. For example, a majority of US cardholders surveyed agreed that sustainability is important to them, with 62% very likely or somewhat likely to apply for a sustainability-focused payment card and trends are on the rise in the generation of millennium. In Europe, cardholders ranked sustainability-focused features as the most important after traditional card benefits, such as fraud protection and acceptance when choosing their next payment card.

The Visa Eco Benefits package is a continuation of Visa’s global aspiration to be a climate-positive company, using its products, services, data, network and brand to foster sustainable commerce and support the transition to a low carbon economy. Earlier this year, Visa + announced + a + commitment + to + achieve + zero + emissions + net + by + 2040, ten years ahead of the Paris Climate Agreement target.

“Sustainability is the challenge of our time, but also one of the greatest opportunities for the financial sector,” said Ulrich Pietsch, co-founder and CEO of ecolytiq. “Equipped with the right tools like the Visa Eco Benefits package, the financial sector is becoming the engine of change by raising awareness among millions of consumers about their impact and giving them the means to take effective climate action in order to build the future.” sustainable that we all deserve. ”

Visa’s Eco Benefits package is the latest milestone in Visa’s leadership in sustainable development. Company recognition includes the inclusion of the following: The Dow Jones North American Sustainability Index, America’s Most Responsible Companies, and the 100 Fairest Companies.

For more information on Visa’s commitment to sustainability, please visit: 2FESG.

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