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Ahhh Ready! (Paris!) – La Ville Lumière (the City of Light) – the undistributed home of haute couture, stylish interior design and a historic destination for those looking for that ‘je ne sais quoi’ when it comes to matters of the heart.

While being a traveler to Paris comes naturally to most people – people watching in a local cafe isn’t exactly a difficult lifestyle to adjust – running a hospitality business in the context of the city is anything but simple. Any new neighborhood hotel (even for Fauchon L’Hotel Paris, which belongs to one of France’s most iconic luxury confectionery brands) must therefore work hard to assert itself in a city littered with luxury. hotels. Fauchon L’Hotel Paris screams loudly, but with elegance, aiming to seamlessly exploit and blend elements of Parisian fashion, confident design aesthetics and even a nod to a rock ‘mind’ n’roll, all housed in a traditional and effortless Haussmanian building.

The hotel’s natural playfulness and characteristic touches of bright pink are injected boldly and sensitively alongside the original design by renowned architect Richard Martinet who collaborated with Atelier Paluel-Marmont. The juxtaposition “new design meets old architecture” seems intentional and is further enhanced as guests walk through the doors to discover commissions from famous French artists that are hung in public spaces, by names such as Aristide Najean and Monica Nowan.

Since its opening in summer 2019 – the last travel season before the pandemic brought travel and hospitality to its knees around the world – Fauchon L’Hotel Paris has unveiled itself as a house of innovation and excellence . The boutique hotel, which has resurfaced from the pandemic with bounds of character, lives up to its reputation by being a feast for all the senses that capture first impressions.

The sensory mood is set upon arrival, in a stylish yet fun bookcase featuring a roaring digital fireplace and cozy intimate seating, with those bright pink accents evident throughout. Champagne and delicious macaroons – the only cliché, I promise – will delight the taste buds. Beyond what you can see, the hotel’s rich, indulgent and highly captivating bespoke scent lingers deliciously in the air, proving once again that attention to detail is paramount for the desired purpose. to offer this complete sensory experience.

The public spaces Рfrom the low-key seating in the public spaces to the exquisite dining room adorned with other works of art and sculpture that provide guests with a more private dining experience away from the sleek but bustling Fauchon Caf̩ Рfurther contribute to communicate and elevate the contemporary style of the brand. refined hospitality experience.

Each of the hotel’s 54 impeccably designed and decorated guest rooms and suites frame the classic view of the Parisian city, some extending to include a balcony with a view of the Eiffel Tower – truly the cream of the crop!

The rooms themselves are spread across two interconnected buildings and this is where the triad of fashion, design and shameless rock and roll really comes together through the hotel’s GLAM concept:

  • Gourmet – gastronomy is the signature Fauchon experience that is at the heart of the brand’s experience
  • Location – located in the heart and soul of central Paris, there is no escaping the energy and delights of the city
  • Attention and experiences – tailor-made is the name of the game, every room is unique and every guest deserves a unique and special experience.
  • Ladies – femininity is celebrated and prioritized at every step of the hotel design experience.
A Deluxe room inside Fauchon L'Hôtel in Paris, with golden headboard

Image credit: Fauchon L’Hôtel Paris

Guests who check in to one of the duplex suites located on the top floor of the hotel will enjoy a 360-degree living experience. A lower ground floor bedroom, with a queen-size bed is complemented by pops of color on the linens, which give way to a spacious and well-designed bathroom designed for the discerning traveler, with a walk-in shower. the Italian space with full rain shower and free mood lighting around a generous vanity mirror.

In every room, the sound system is a timeless reminder of what music meant. A modest record player sits, harmoniously adding value to the authentic experience of hospitality, while creating additional texture for the overall design scheme. A selection of classic vinyl albums is also available to listen to, either with complete peace of mind or by opening the multiple doors to the balcony. There is something very satisfying about the usurpation of digital experiences that we have all become used to in favor of a more grounded, more tactile, and more expressive analog process. It may be a clear reminder of the rock and roll personality (depending on which album you select) the hotel presents to its guests – but this particular guest loved every second!

Suite on two levels, with guitar on the wall and record player

Image credit: Fauchon L’Hôtel Paris

The playful eccentricity of the Fauchon brand continues upstairs in the living room of the suite where the famous mini bar thrones. Less functional beverage cabinet, more exhibition focal point, the sleek, bespoke pink cabinet installation designed by Sacha Lakic is elegantly graphic on the exterior with a multi-faceted metallic finish, while the interior houses all the goodies and you would expect from a hotel belonging to Maison Fauchon.

From one memorable gastronomic experience to another (but tempting not to leave the beautiful suite), Le Grand Café Fauchon is a culinary spectacle that awaits guests as well as faithful Parisian diners and drinkers. Its design and service pay homage to the founder, Auguste Fauchon, whose legacy is celebrated here every day through Fauchon’s passionate commitment to pleasure, quality and a fierce commitment to guarantee the quality of the products used and sold from from the best producers in France. These pillars, which keep the hotel relevant in the crowded luxury hotel arena of Paris, are supported by the culinary mastery of Fauchon chefs – three of the best in France: François Daubinet, pastry chef; Frédéric Claudel, Executive Chef of Grand Café Fauchon and Sébastien Monceau, Executive Chef of Maison Fauchon.

As day turns to night, the hotel restaurant comes to life with an eye-catching chandelier that appears to dance above diners in what looks like fishnets. This area allows patrons a more secluded and private dining experience, away from the location of the energetic and bustling public cafe. The design of this space reflects this intention with a color palette that is both relaxing and opulent with nods to the classic seated design in harmony with Fauchon’s signature modern touch.

Fauchon L’Hotel Paris, refreshing and not simply defined by its F&B offers, is more than a base during your stay in this bustling city. This is a hotel that confidently matches – dare I say even contributes to the energy of – the genius of Paris. The hotel deserves its right to be a “destination” in itself and intelligently achieves its goal of bringing together the worlds of fashion, design and music, which collectively give it its unique personality. If you are looking for a hotel experience that is both typically Parisian and unique, Fauchon L’Hotel Paris is for you.

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Main image credit: Fauchon L’Hôtel Paris


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