Why Pisoni chooses Armbruster Rotovib for unprecedented quality of grape processing




Winemakers producing premium wines know that the quality of wine depends on the efficient removal of the fruit from the vine and the preparation of the berries for destemming, a critical process requiring high-end grape handling equipment, sophisticated and reliable.

Jeff Pisoni, winemaker at Pisoni vineyards, had been looking for some time to improve his old destemmer. “For a while there was a lack of innovation in destemmers,” Pisoni comments. “The purchase of new processing equipment is a large investment and a long-term commitment, so we were waiting for the next generation of destemmer to hit the market, as destemming and sorting is such a critical part of the winemaking process.

When new destemmers started to become available, it was clear that they all had a common goal of giving wineries a very clean destemming process with as little MOG (non-grape material) as possible. However, only the Rotovib Armbruster destemmer provided some key benefits for high quality whole berry destemming.


Armbruster, a German family-owned cellar equipment manufacturer for over a century, developed the Armbruster Rotovib destemmer with a double roller sorter to deliver a surprisingly smooth destemming process that has become a game changer for growers. of wine from all over the world. With the help of Scott Laboratories, the Rotovib with Double Rollersorter hit the North American wine market in 2017 and Pisoni became an early adopter, purchasing his first Rotovib for the winery shortly thereafter in 2018.

“About fifteen years ago, Armbruster developed a new generation of machines to stalk more gently by attaching a vibration motor to a spindle shaft, which allowed the shaft to slow down and not crush. the fruits as they pass through the destemmer. Explains Ira Cohen, Equipment Sales Manager at Scott Labs. “This was the first iteration of Rotovib, and the result was a twenty to fifty percent increase in whole berries, which really caught the interest of high-end pinot noir growers, especially in County of. Sonoma. “

Cohen notes that the latest version of the Rotovib with a double roller sorter consists of two separate beds of intertwined rubber spools that spin on adjustable shafts. The grapes fall through the spaces of the first bed, while jacks, rods and other debris are carried to a discharge chute. The second roller sorter bed has a narrower spacing to remove any leftover raisins, berries or small particles.


After purchasing the first Rotovib for the cellar, Pisoni noticed a clear difference in the quality of the wines – in terms of sensory, aromatic and tannic properties – before and after using the destemmer, compared to previous vintages.

The main advantages of Rotovib are:

  • Small footprint– configuration and installation can be customized according to the production facility of each winery to save space
  • Cost savings—No additional sorting equipment or personnel are needed to sort berries with the Double Rollersorter
  • Less noise—German engineering behind the Rotovib enables quiet machine operation
  • Ultra-clean fruits—The Rotovib with Double Rollersorter offers the smoothest handling of fruit with minimal amounts of stems and seeds, leaving whole berries intact

Pisoni recently purchased a second Armbruster Rotovib with a Double Rollersorter for Gravity Wine House, their custom crush business.

“It’s a very flexible piece of equipment,” enthuses Pisoni. “Rotovib is excellent with Pinot Noir, and because it works wonderfully with other grape varieties, we purchased the same for our custom grinding facility. Cabernet growers love it because the Double Rollersorter can essentially act as a berry sorter, which is a common part of the grape handling process with high end cabins.

The innovation behind Rotovib’s unique vibrating technology has resulted in more than 350 destemmer installations across North America. With technical support and expert service From senior technicians at Scott Labs, wineries can also receive technical training, hands-on support, and pre, during, and post-harvest service to ensure peak efficiency and minimal downtime.

For more information and orders, visit https://shop.scottlab.com/armbruster-crush-equipment.

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