XCMG’s Smart Manufacturing Base for Urban Operation Specific Vehicles Completed and Production Begins


“The base is XCMG’s 15th GI plant as part of our smart upgrade strategy. As the dominant achievement of XCMG’s IM program, the completion and commissioning of the base also marks a further step forward in expanding the production scale and increasing the production efficiency of vehicles specific to XCMG’s urban operations, “mentioned Sun Xiaojun, the Managing Director of XCMG Special Purpose Vehicles.

The new base has several intelligent production lines, including intelligent hub and base welding lines, and adopts advanced technologies such as 5G, industrial internet and big data. The accuracy of 5G equipment data collection and processing efficiency has increased by more than 60%. The networking rate of thin, large and rare equipment will reach 90%, and online inspection of key processes will cover 80%.

Since 2003, XCMG has invested heavily in building large tonnage equipment manufacturing bases, with special focus on establishing a high-end manufacturing technology platform and creating a flexible production model. linear welding and assembly lines for large structural parts.

In 2018, XCMG built the world’s first intelligent production line for crane turntables. The “flagship production line” has reached a mileage of 3,000 kilometers with more than 30,000 cranes rolled off the assembly line in three years.

“Manufacturing intelligence is not only reflected in the upgrading of the production process, but also in product maintenance and information management,” added Wang min, CEO and President of XCMG.

In 2019, Hanyun Industrial Internet Platform was recognized as “a strong and robust force in building a new industrial Internet infrastructure” for its achievements in device connection, data collection and computing. cutting edge, especially in the integration, management and analysis of big industrial data, providing an industrial mechanism model, application development and data visualization.

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